Pre-paid funerals

Save your family money and heartache

A pre-paid funeral ensures you get the funeral you want, while containing costs for you and

Preparing for the asset changes

A prepaid funeral may help reduce your assessable assets.

Prepaid funerals and the Age Pension

Private Health insurance cover can reduce your tax burden.

Ad moves with the times

A news series of ads show what makes White Lady Funerals so special.

Award winning service when needed

A testament to White Lady Funerals' customer service and professional care.

When prepaid makes sense

People can be unprepared for the cost of a funeral.

When prepaid funerals make sense

Funerals can bring up all sorts of financial as well as emotional situations.

Time for some contemporary comfort

Baby boomers have very definite ideas about the type of funeral they want.

Your wishes and finances covered

A prepaid funeral is an ideal way to care for our families financially.

Your funeral wishes guaranteed

Do you have an idea for your own final send-off?

Women who changed an industry

White Lady Funerals began caring for families in 1987.

Comfort not just for you

Did you know that you could arrange a prepaid funeral for a dependant?

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