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A business that excels at anticipating customer needs and exceeding on expectations is always looking to improve on itself, and White Lady Funerals is no exception.

Since its beginning in 1987, White Lady Funerals has been a contemporary breath of fresh air in an otherwise staid and solemn category, and their approach to the customer service they deliver to families, their willingness to embrace personalised celebrations, and their undeniable visual style continues to evolve to this day.

A new series of advertisements encapsulates all of the change that White Lady Funerals has introduced to Australia: more than just a new ad campaign though, this is an opportunity to get to know what makes White Lady Funerals so special.

After recently updating their uniforms, to remain at the pinnacle of visual style, White Lady Funerals has embarked on a new advertising campaign, its first new creative treatment in over a decade. The new series of ads explores what goes into the making of each White Lady Funerals’ team member, demonstrating that it takes a lifetime of empathy, and attending to small acts that nevertheless make all the difference to someone experiencing grief, to make someone ready to don the distinctive White Lady Funerals uniform.

As Australia’s fastest growing network of funeral services providers, White Lady Funerals employs a diverse team of women who possess a passion for looking after those who have lost a loved one. Coupled with the industry-leading training it provides to team members and the lifetime of caring experience these women bring to their role, it is no wonder White Lady Funerals was recently recognised with the Gold award in the recent 2016 Reader’s Digest Quality Service Awards.

You can view the new White Lady Funerals ads at, along with a series of ‘behind the scenes’ videos at

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