Pre-arranging your own funeral

The death of a loved one is undoubtedly an emotional time, so imagine if you could help your family through it by pre-arranging your own funeral.

Of course, arranging a funeral isn’t something we do every day, and it certainly isn’t made any easier when a family who has lost a loved one (even if the death was expected) needs to get together to make a bunch of important decisions quickly.

Yet, you can give your family the time and space they need to properly grieve for their loss and celebrate the part you played in their lives by removing the need to make these decisions at a grief-stricken time. You will leave them with no doubt of what your wishes are and save them from agonising whether they’ve made the right choices.

You can choose to personalise your send off in many different ways – from choosing the coffin and location of the service, to the music, readings and even a guard of honour or pall bearers. The elements you add to your funeral will give your family and loved ones the comfort of knowing they got to say goodbye in a way you wanted. But if you’re unsure what to choose, or even what choices you will have to make, you can find out more at

You can, in your own time, provide clear guidance on what you would like your funeral to be – which is of real benefit to those left behind. What is perhaps of even greater benefit is knowing that your family will not have the financial burden of having to pay for your funeral.Choosing to prepay your funeral is a sound investment for your family.

Of the process, Damien Fitzpatrick, General Manager PreNeed, says: By prepaying a funeral, and making so many decisions in advance, it means the funeral director is able to provide a greater level of support and care, and sooner. After a phone call to the funeral home, the conversation and meetings are more pastoral in nature than administrative and event management in style. Our estimation is that when a prepaid funeral has been taken out, an extra 45 minutes to an hour is available for the funeral director to provide support, rather than doing paperwork.

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