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Baby boomers, anyone aged between 55 and 70, have really changed the world. And with a willingness to embrace change and be involved, they often have very definite ideas about the products and services they want, including for a funeral.

Post WWII affluence and a population spike led to an unheralded number of young people in the 60s and 70s, all ready to change the world. From an early age, this generation was involved in shaping the direction of society, by challenging the establishments around them. In particular, they were at the forefront of change on the following issues:

  • anti-war movement
  • feminism
  • racial equality
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights


When it comes to planning for a funeral, it shouldn’t be surprising that this generation is not prepared to simply hand over the reigns and let someone else make the arrangements for them. Often, it’s a decision made with family and loved ones, and,so a funeral director who can accommodate all of their views and wishes into the one service is highly desired.

White Lady Funerals began in 1987 to give families a way of being involved in the funeral process, as well as in how they remember a loved one. There are many options to personalise your service. You can be involved in choosing music, photos, the readings and whether to have a burial or cremation. You can also go one step further by opting for a memorial page online, a LifeArt coffin that reflects your personality and of course, your final place of rest.

Funeral services today are made of many elements from which families can choose, to create a service that meets their needs. Whether or not you wish to incorporate religious elements can also be accommodated.

White Lady Funerals understands that saying goodbye at a funeral where friends and family feel involved is important, and they can guide you respectfully through the process.

For more information on how White Lady Funerals can assist, call 1300 656 550 today.

For those in Western Australia, you can contact Mareena Purslowe Funerals on 08 9388 1623.

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