When prepaid funerals make sense

Christmas and the New Year period is usually the only time of year when people spend time together with their entire family – unless, sadly, there is a funeral.

Funerals can bring up all sorts of financial as well as emotional situations, which can be challenging for family members. But you can help dissipate such situations altogether. How? By preparing for your funeral beforehand. This may feel like a gloomy thing to prearrange but it’s a clever deed in many ways.

Emotional benefits of prepaid funerals

  • You can state your needs and preferences to reflect and celebrate your life – and you can make it as personal as you wish, from the type of service, instructions for a certain theme or music you wish included, and your final place of rest.
  • Important decisions can be made without the emotional stress that usually accompanies death.
  • It gives you the time to plan and arrange the service you want, in your own time, and with the experienced care of a funeral professional by your side.
  • You are saving your nearest and dearest from the uncertainty and angst of having to make these important decisions in the days following your passing.
  • Your family will be supported by an experienced funeral professional who’ll know your wishes and be able to help and direct them during a time of grief.

Financial benefits of prepaid funerals

  • You pay today’s price for the prepaid service you choose, which protects you and your family from inflation.
  • You are also taking care of an important future cost, which means loved ones won’t be burdened with concerns about finances in the tumultuous time after you are gone.
  • The funds you pay for a prepaid funeral are held in trust, until the service is needed, and there is no risk of default.
  • The value of the funeral services you select are exempt from deeming under Age Pension assessment and you can even pay by instalments.

Once you have planned and prepaid for your funeral, you can tell your loved ones that they no longer have to worry should the worst happen. They can simply experience your care and love through the arrangements you have made in advance – and they can farewell and celebrate you through a funeral service you, yourself, have created.

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