Three tech-savvy ways to pay tribute

Here are three ideas to get your creative muscles working.

Three tech-savvy ways to pay tribute

The digital world has dramatically shaped how we live and work. So, it’s only natural that it also influences how we pay tribute to a life well lived and loved.

Planning to produce your own digital commemoration of a lost loved one? Here are three ideas to get your creative muscles working.

Audio-visual tribute

Nowadays, creating a digital presentation – where video clips and a series of photos of the deceased are collated into a mini video – is a very popular way to pay tribute. You may wish to choose images which showcase the deceased’s personality to a tee – such as when doing a favourite activity or being in the company of their loved ones.

The electronic nature also makes it easy to send the video file to family and close friends who could not attend the funeral. It makes for a wonderful keepsake for the family to show future generations as well.

Facebook photo album

After Jenny’s best friend Wendy bid her final farewell to the world, Jenny created an album on her facebook page. She carefully chose photos of Wendy doing the fun activities they always did together throughout their lives – such as from primary school, where they first met on the playground, to playing golf together in their seventies. In this way, Jenny payed tribute to her friend in her way, and began her healing process. It also showed a side of Wendy which others may not have experienced.

Another option facebook offers is to memorialise the deceased’s facebook account. Of course, consult the family before you do this. You can find more information here.

Digital scrapbook

If you’ve considered making a scrapbook in memory of the deceased, why not create a digital one? This way, you can easily share it with family and friends as a memento of your loved one.

While including photos of the deceased is the obvious choice, you can also add images of their favourite sayings and quotes. You can make these images using a free website such as PicMonkey. To put together the digital scrapbook itself, this website offers some beautiful templates. Also, HeavenAddress is handy for creating an online memorial to honour and celebrate your loved one.

If you’re not technologically savvy, don’t panic. You can use this opportunity to create the tribute with someone else. Pick anyone with whom you’d like to work, and who knew the deceased well. You may find it’s a wonderfully supportive way to cope with grief.


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