Drinking hot tea could save your sight

Just one cup of hot tea a day could be enough to save your sight.

Drinking hot tea could save your sight

Drinking just one cup of hot tea each day could be enough to save your sight, says the British Journal of Ophthalmology.

A study published last week revealed that drinking tea may be linked to significantly lower instances of glaucoma – a serious eye condition that affects one in 200 Australians over 40 and one of the leading causes of blindness, affecting 57.5 million people worldwide.

And it seems it’s only hot tea that enjoys this distinction, with decaffeinated and caffeinated coffee, decaffeinated tea, iced tea and soft drinks not having a similar effect.

Glaucoma occurs when fluid pressure builds up inside the eye, causing damage to the optic nerve.

Researchers scoured data from a health survey of around 10,000 people, from which 1678 participants who had developed the condition were asked how often and how much they had imbibed caffeinated and decaffeinated drinks, including soft drinks and iced tea over a period of one year.

All factors considered, the data showed that those who drank hot tea compared to those who didn’t had a 74 per cent lower risk of developing glaucoma.

While this is a small observational study, no firm conclusions could be drawn. However, tea does contain all the antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective chemicals typically associated with a lowered risk of serious conditions, such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

With previous studies suggesting that tea reduces oxidation and neurodegeneration, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that it’s good for your eyesight. However, researchers claim that “further research is needed to establish the importance of these findings and whether hot tea consumption may play a role in the prevention of glaucoma”.

Read more at www.sciencedaily.com

Do you drink hot tea? Would this news convince you to have a cup a day?



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    18th Dec 2017
    Welcome to the silly season - the essence of this article is the phase ' no firm conclusions
    can be attached to these findings ..........

    with that in mind, i'd suggest a daily helping of broccoli might also be beneficial.
    18th Dec 2017
    Question:- with or without milk - does adding milk have any affect?
    I drink a variety of teas, green, peppermint. jasmine, English breakfast. Australian, afternoon and herbals. I put milk in the normal teas like English breakfast.
    18th Dec 2017
    Leon would make a good snake oil salesman. Is this news, conjecture, opinion or just bullshit?
    18th Dec 2017
    I love drinking hot tea (regular tea with milk) and would keep right on drinking it no matter what! But it's rather nice to be told it confers health benefits as well.
    18th Dec 2017
    Drink more tea and you will see, why you should drink more tea?
    18th Dec 2017
    My mother had glaucoma and was a big tea drinker, so it didn't help her much. Maybe she should have stuck to the one cup a day!
    18th Dec 2017
    Ok so the bit about hot tea . Hot tea also causes oesophageal cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is thought .....seriously .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....as I have just had an oesophagectomy and partial removal of stomach i would not recommend hot tea !!!
    18th Dec 2017
    Tea with milk is ok
    Polly Esther
    18th Dec 2017
    Yes I can imagine that would be correct, ahem not. One would have to very vigilant with eyes wide open to not burn their lippies or tongue on the hot tea. Oh dear me ,really! Hmmmph! Next thing you'll be telling us that Santa misplaced Rudolph and he won't be coming this Chrissy. He's been a naughty Santa and can't see very good because he hasn't been drinking his hot tea.
    Please forgive me, not very chirpy this morn., feel a little better now however. so ridiculous!
    18th Dec 2017
    1:8 very elderly people have glaucoma and over 300,000 Australians have it.,There are many causes including genetics/family links. There is no evidence that anti-oxidants prevent it but controlling hypertension may reduce the effects. If people like drinking tea they should continue to do so as long as they have time to have their eyes tested regularly. Early diagnosis and treatment has much more benefit than tea!
    18th Dec 2017
    Wrong. All the friends and family I know who had macular degeneration drank hot tea everyday.
    18th Dec 2017
    Was it sponsored by a tea company? Very vague study. Just eat fruit, it has all the antioxidants,immune boosting nutrition and cancer/disease fighting you need.

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