Avoid diabetes by eating right

It is common sense, but healthy eating really can help you to either manage your diabetes or avoid it all together. Even though this seems obvious, it can still become overwhelming if you complicate things too much.

Most people will remember or be aware of the food pyramid which categorises foods that should be eaten frequently and foods that should only be eaten occasionally. While this tool may seem old fashioned, it is still quite an effective way to manage your eating habits and make sure you are getting enough of the ‘good’ stuff and limiting the ‘bad’ stuff.

A slight variation on the pyramid, but an equally effective tool, is The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. This guide is an easy to understand diagram which represents the recommended split of foods you should eat each day. Following this guide will help you to create a more balanced diet and significantly improve your health.

How does your current diet match up to this guide? Should you be making changes to what you eat? Do you think you will try to follow The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating?

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