Leprosy drug holds promise as at-home COVID treatment

Essential medicine clofazimine exhibits potential antiviral properties against COVID-19.

Study shows more symptoms long after COVID patients 'recover'

Some patients are unwell long after they have recovered from a COVID-19 infection.

Overcoming your fear of needles

Needle phobia is very common, affecting at least one in 10 people.

Experts call for use of TGA-approved rapid COVID-19 tests

Are governments ignoring rapid testing technology?

Calls for messaging to undo harmful impact of Astra Zeneca reports

Clear expert messaging required to avoid further harm being done.

Travel SOS: When will Fiji cruises be up and running again?

Paul received an email inviting him to Fiji and wants to know if he can take up the offer.

Experts believe sleep maximises effectiveness of COVID vaccine

University of South Australia sleep experts are urging people to reprioritise their sleep.

COVID vaccine available to all Australians aged 70 or over via GPs

Phase 1B will include anyone 70 years or over.

More European nations suspend AstraZeneca vaccinations

Blood clot fears halt jabs, but WHO, UK and Australia say the vaccinations are safe.

COVID jab or flu shot first? What the experts say

Government reveals "preferred minimum interval" between the COVID and flu vaccinations.

Why tourism returning to the 'old normal' would be a disaster

The pandemic is a golden opportunity for a brighter future for tourism.

Overweight people should be vaccinated first, say experts

Overweight people should go to the front of the COVID vaccination queue, say experts.

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