PM accused of 'appalling judgement' over Sydney lockdown visit

Bill Shorten has accused the Prime Minister of "appalling judgement" for travelling to Sydney.

Bickering between feds and states puts national plan in doub

Confused messaging between feds and states shows national plan on shaky ground.

Health experts issue a strong warning against mixing vaccines

Aussies wanting a shot at both vaccines will be disappointed, say experts.

Will we need COVID booster jabs?

Experts answer four key questions on how to stay protected.

World body warns of link between COVID and dementia

Urgent funds sought to prioritise research and prepare for a dementia pandemic.

Cycle of crisis: Doctors issue dire warning on plans to open up

AMA says the hospital system is ill-prepared for plan to open up.

Federal government threatens to challenge border bans in court

Federal attorney-general threatens to take states to High Court over border closures.

Lockdown extended as doctors call for mandatory vaccinations

AMA wants mandatory vaccinations for the entire healthcare workforce.

Older Australians waiting for mRNA vaccines at back of the queue

AstraZeneca vaccine still recommended for those over 60.

Two new drugs could turn the COVID tide

Scientists say the drugs will bolster vaccine effectiveness and stop the spread of the virus.

What is COVID-19's 'best case scenario'?

Virologist Eddie Holmes lays out how COVID will likely shape our lives in the years to come.

Concerns some aged care staff won't meet vaccination deadline

Only one in five aged care homes close to vaccinating all staff against COVID.

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