States bemused by PM's crude caveman call

Queensland and WA premiers hit back at Morrison comparing them to cavemen.

Warning of mass fatalities if Australia opens before 90 per cent vacci

Report claims thousands will die if we follow Doherty Institute modelling.

AZ provides same long-term protection as Pfizer against Delta

Push to consider 'mix-and-match' approach to boost vaccination numbers.

Doherty plan for reopening relies on low COVID case numbers

NSW numbers need to drop for the high vaccination figures in Australia's plan to work.

Use surgical masks not cloth, health authorities urge

Here's why several countries - and airlines - have now banned these masks.

Possible symptoms of long COVID

Here are just some of the 200 possible symptoms of long COVID.

Mild side effects to long-term protection: How COVID-19 vaccines work

It's normal to feel a bit lousy in the day or two after your COVID-19 jab.

The 'impossibility' of COVID herd immunity as Delta changes the score

Infectious disease experts say Australia's COVID experience will become a "pandemic of the unvaccinated".

Portable carbon monoxide monitors can show a venue's COVID risk

Cheap portable units could be the key to opening up, experts say.

'Shitty choices' blamed for raft of new COVID restrictions

Authorities livid, police set to ramp up surveillance and fines as dissenters flout the rules.

Could a vaccine 'pass' for public spaces work in Australia?

It could, say academics, but anti-vaxxers will always find a way.

Anti-vaxxers' latest ploy to bypass contact tracing stuns authorities

Government and health leaders condemn move to sabotage contact tracing.

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