ACCC to keep a keen eye on travel issues this year

Australia's consumer watchdog expects that travel issues will dominate its work this year.

Australian border closure extended until June

The yearlong border restrictions have been extended, stranding Aussies.

Vaccinations behind schedule, yet Aussies implored to 'take a holiday'

Most states and territories 'drastically behind' in vaccination targets.

Do you need to register for a COVID vaccine? When is it your turn?

Your vaccine rollout questions answered.

Government reveals details of unit established to bust vaccine myths

Greg Hunt reveals that an agency has been established to tackle myths and misinformation.

What we know about the recently approved single dose vaccine

If we only get one shot at herd immunity, could this be our best shot?

What happens to regional travellers when borders snap shut?

Does living in a regional area make you less likely to be affected by border closures?

Avalon airport first to introduce COVID testing kiosks

Avalon Airport installing sophisticated fever-testing stations in terminal.

Research shows vaccine willingness in Australia is high

Support among Australians for the policy response to the coronavirus pandemic is high.

Vaccine overdose cases raise questions over doctor training

An elderly couple were given four times the usual dose of a vaccine. Why did it happen?

Vaccine passports on trial by Air New Zealand could enable air travel

Air New Zealand trial in April will test travel between low transmission nations.

Can I choose what vaccine I get? What if I have allergies?

Key COVID vaccine rollout questions answered.

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