Friday Reflection: Your reaction to anti-vaxxers changing tactics

Our article regarding the increasingly desperate tactics being employed by those determined to avoid a COVID vaccination certainly stirred up a hornet’s nest on Wednesday.

To provide a gauge of some of our reader’s opinions on the topic, we have decided to do something a little different with our Friday Reflection this week and print a selection of the comments and emails we have received since that article was published.

Some of it is not for the faint-hearted (and we have censored some of the language in parts), but otherwise we are running the comments as received, so apologies for some of the poor spelling and grammar.

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As a Member of Australian Unity I wish to bring to your attention this recent article published in your On Line magazine “Your Life Choices”.

I found the language used in the article highly insulting & misleading. The term “Anti-Vaxxer” does not describe me or many of the other Australians who attend these Pro Choice Rallies.

Personally I have had all of my vaccines so I am not an “Anti-Vaxxer” I am Pro Choice. 

However after weighing all of the evidence I have decided not to take one of these new generations of vaccines. Informed Consent is law in Australia.

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I would however consider taking one of the protein based vaccines that have been developed: Covax19 or Novavax. (Covax19 is an Australian vaccine now being used in Iran – incidently) Protein vaccines have been around for decades and have a longer history of safety.

I would sincerely ask that you do not adopt the lazy, generic, inaccurate term “Anti-Vaxxer” used by mainstream media in your articles.

I was both hurt and shocked to open an email received by my own health insurance group today that used such derogatory, divisive and discriminatory language.

I think it’s important that you understand that people that oppose this injection are not anti-vax. They are pro choice.

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You people need to stop calling these protesters Anti-Vaxxers it has nothing to do with vaccinations most of these protesters are fully vaccinated it’s about pro choice no one has the right to force and blackmail people in to taking a substance quite frankly that doesn’t work. Why don’t you publish facts from overseas data where the sick and dying are fully vaccinated

Hello I am fully Vaxxed and so are my family.

I DONT HAVE TIME OR CARE ABOUT ANTIVAXXERS. Just do it for the safety of your families!!!

Your miss informed. Most of the people protesting dictatorship are double vaxinated. Stop the miss information and propoganda. Please.

I don’t know which group I dislike most, the anti-vaxers or those who are attempting to make vaxing compulsory. If the vaccines are effective the anti-vaxers are wrong, if they are effective then only those who are not vaccinated have to worry about coming into contact with infected people.

But I am in full agreement with those who object to anyone being forced to accept medical intervention against their will.

Anti vaxers take the hint, you are not wanted in society, my human rights are being violated by you low life’s who are able to be vaccinated, you are putting at risk the majority of the population who are concerned about catching your vile virus that you are willing to carry around and risk your kids and parents and grand parents lives because of some lost causes that have been mentally instilled by stupid social media LCD grubs.

Wake up and see the truth, go and live in America with all the other red necks.

It’s a bit hypocritical to try for a false vaccination certificate if you are refusing vaccination due to the principles you hold of freedom of choice. The above suggests that you are not prepared to stand by your principles after all, and are aiming to circumvent the consequences of your action. And I don’t consider the penalties are too severe, they probably could be increased. As far as the certificates themselves are concerned, I see them as an essential means of potential employers being enabled to ensure their staff are both covered for contact with the public and fellow workers. But they must be genuine and not easy to fabricate or falsify.

At least the ones in Victoria ie 17 who would not have the jab, out of 19 who have Covid19 have now gone. No more for them to worry however they leave their families behind to pick up the pieces.

I am sorry it is just one of those things they had the chance and decided they knew more than the educated Doctors etc It goes to show they were not the sharpest tools in the shed.

Yes I believe those who will not have the jab no medicare payments. They pay the full cost of treatment while they are still around.

Apart from no jobs, no medicare, no centrelink ?????

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