Should we rethink vaccines for dining, fitness and events?

sign asking for proof of vaccination on shop front

Liam Petterson, The Conversation

The requirement to show proof of two doses of a COVID vaccine to do things such as eat out, go to the pub and visit sporting events is still in place across parts of the country including Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia.

Part of the rationale for such mandates is to limit transmission of the virus, and therefore also protect vulnerable people who may be at risk of severe disease.

But the arrival of the Omicron variant has changed the COVID landscape in Australia. Emerging evidence suggests two doses of COVID vaccine provides little protection against infection against the highly-infectious Omicron variant – though they’re still effective against severe disease.

So we asked five experts, is it time to rethink vaccine mandates for dining, fitness and events?

Here’s what they said.

Liam Petterson, Deputy Editor, Health + Medicine, The Conversation

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Do you think it’s time to stop checking for vaccines in these industries? Or do you think it may be too soon? Let us know in the comments section below.

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