Foods to help with the flop

When struggling with impotence and erectile dysfunction, the first thought is usually a pharmaceutical solution. But you can change your diet and improve your performance in the bedroom. Here are some things to try before going to your doctor.

Fortunately for coffee lovers, your daily caffeine kick may do more than just get you up in the morning, according to a scientific study by the University of Texas. The study revealed that men who drank two cups of coffee a day were 42 per cent less likely to experience erectile dysfunction. For those of you who like to get technical, the best benefits were seen in men who consumed 85mg to 170mg of caffeine a day. Two cups might just be the magic number – or between 171mg and 303mg of caffeine a day.

Olive oil
Scientists from the University of Athens say that nine tablespoons of olive oil a week could be better than Viagra at boosting a man’s sexual performance. According to a study of 660 men with an average age of 67, a Mediterranean diet rich in fruit and vegetables, fish, legumes and nuts and, most importantly, at least nine tablespoons of olive oil a week, is enough to reduce impotence by about 40 per cent. Olive oil keeps blood vessels and your circulatory system healthy, and offers a whole host of other health benefits.

Well known for their aphrodisiac qualities, oysters will also boost your testosterone levels, which can help with your sex drive, and the zinc content is important for your body and blood flow.

This fruit contains a compound that acts on your blood vessels in a similar way to common erectile dysfunction medication. It can also help increase your sex drive due to the presence of the antioxidant lycopene, which is fantastic for your heart, prostate and skin.

While the smell might not do you any favours with your significant other, garlic helps to improve blood flow by keeping your arteries healthy and clear as you age.

Dark chocolate
Foods that are good for your heart are generally good for your pecker, which makes dark chocolate a winner. Chocolate is rich in flavanols, plant nutrients that can increase blood flow and lower blood pressure. It also helps your body make more of nitric oxide, which can help with erections and is in many ED medications.

Another food that helps the body produce nitric oxide is walnuts, while also being a great source of vitamin E, folic acid and fibre.

Salmon and other fatty fish are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which can also boost nitric oxide in your body. Eating fish regularly also lowers your blood pressure and risk of heart attacks.

Have you tried changing your diet to improve your love life? Have you had any success? What worked for you?

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Disclaimer: This article contains general information about health issues and is not advice. For health advice, consult your medical practitioner.

Ben Hocking
Ben Hocking
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