Friday Reflection: Exercising mind and body

Jim McNeilly tells how he keeps boredom at bay while thrashing out the laps.

Exercising for two minutes every half hour could be all you need

Light exercise could have profound health benefits for older adults.

Stretches that help to align your spine

Solid posture starts with spinal alignment.

Bust through these common exercise barriers

One in five women over 50 say body embarrassment stops them exercising.

Grip strength linked to mental disorders

Anxiety and depression associated with unusual fitness marker.

These seven tips are vital for healthy ageing

Stay fit and well in your golden years.

Resistance training benefits both men and women in older age

Strength training in older age is very important.

Does sex count as exercise?

Sex: it's fun (while it lasts), but can we really refer to it as exercise? Let's find out …

How to fix these walking mistakes

There's more to walking than putting one foot in front of the other.

Friday Reflection: Loneliness of the long-distance swimmer

Swimming may be good for you but it can also be a very lonely pursuit, writes Greg Raffin.

The surprising health and fitness benefits of golf

Core strength is key to a good swing.

Study finds this exercise can add years to our lives

Bursts of high intensity interval training is not just for time-poor youngsters.

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