One in six Australians suffers hearing loss and it’s not always age related. Finding the right solution to your hearing problem can be stressful, but there are people who can help you make your hearing the best it can be.

Hearing loss and mumblers

Struggling to hear mumblers can be a sign of hearing loss which can lead to isolation.

Hearing loss and balance problems

New research indicates that hearing impairment can significantly increase your chances of falling.

Famous people with hearing loss

Hearing loss hasn't help back these high-achieving celebrities.

Diabetes and hearing loss

Those suffering from diabetes may be more than twice as likely to develop hearing loss.

Is your mobile phone causing hearing loss?

There is concern that mobile phones may be the cause of widespread hearing loss.

Can I get a hearing aid subsidy?

Elizabeth was surprised to find she wasn't entitled to a hearing aid subsidy.

Depression and hearing losst

Social isolation and depression can often co-exist with hearing loss.

Hearing loss in the holiday season

Those with hearing impairment may find loud group conversations difficult and isolating.

Hearing and technology

Technology can help your hearing in a range of ways. Find out what's on offer.

Persevering with hearing aids

Many first-time wearers of hearing aids become frustrated, but it's worth persevering

Changing lives

Hearing loss can be isolating, but there is help at hand if you're prepared to ask.

Your hearing questions answered

The experts at HEARINGLife have answered those queries most commonly asked.

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