Famous people with hearing loss

Hearing loss hasn’t help back these high-achieving celebrities.

Famous people with hearing loss

Rock stars and musicians suffering hearing loss is hardly surprising, but you may not be aware of other famous people who have flourished in their chosen field despite not being able to hear properly.

A victim of domestic violence in the early 90s, Halle Berry has lost 80 per cent of hearing in her left ear as a result of the physical abuse.


Eric Clapton is just one of the many musicians now suffering for his art. He has, however, learned his lesson and now uses earplugs to protect his hearing.



Music also claimed some of Bill Clinton’s hearing ability, although age also played a factor in high-frequency hearing loss and the former US President now wears hearing aids in both ears.



Scottish actor Gerard Butler had surgery on his right ear when he was a child and now suffers tinnitus and hearing loss in the deformed ear.



Actor Rob Lowe suffered from a virus in infancy which claimed the hearing in his right ear.

Having to overcome hearing loss hasn’t held back these famous people and nor should it you. If you think your hearing isn’t as sharp as it once was, perhaps its time to make an appointment.


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    18th Mar 2014
    Now I know why I got a smile from Hally Berry- I was whispering in the wrong ear !!
    18th Mar 2014
    Bad, bad , bad !
    You don't give out your phone number to strangers.
    18th Mar 2014
    Please - could you ask the ear people ( ENT ?)
    I have damage / deterioration in my ears
    Ask about being sensitive to sound
    i.e., I am super sensitive to sound - the house creaks & I jump in fright - my ears hurt - tinnitus, ringing , whooshing, buzzing.
    I am also sensitive to light.
    The ENT wrote - JUST ( this word kill me) JUST cochlear scaular degeneration -
    I suffer vertigo = SPINNING 24-7, nausea, headaches, eyes do not focus properly, confusion, memory loss,
    MY brain is constantly trying to maintain equilibrium & I have to lie down & sleep or I will fall down -
    I had a drop attack where the stones in my inner ear became dislodged - the Epley Maneuver put the stones back but not everything else.
    What does that mean ?
    When I feel so bad.
    18th Mar 2014
    Mal de debarquement syndrome - MDDS.
    A type of vertigo that most often occurs after stepping off a cruise ship.
    Although rare, this sence of prolonged dizziness or imbalance can be debilitating.
    Dr. Timothy C Hain - Chicargo Dizziness & Hearing Clinic.

    Common Symptoms -
    motion or bobbing sensation when standing still
    extreme fatigue
    difficulty concentrating
    unsteady gait
    ear ringing & nausea
    I am constantly looking for information - www.dailymail.co.uk ran an article a few weeks ago about a lady that this happened to.
    Menieries disease is also close.
    30th Jan 2017
    The hearing impaired community is full of rockstars, no matter what their profession or notoriety. Did you know that Whoopi Goldberg wears hearing aids and shares that it was probably her love of louder music that impacted her hearing at such a young age. Jodie Foster suffers from vertigo and wears a hearing aid. Read more about famous women that did not let anything stop them in actualizing their talent: http://www.hearlink.com.au/industry-news/well-known-women-hearing-loss/

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