Men won’t address hearing loss

Although men are often keen to keep up with the latest consumer electronics, many are reluctant to embrace the technological advances of the hearing aid industry. Yet many simply don’t realise how far hearing aid technology has come – hearing aids are now, in some cases, almost entirely invisible, and provide a much better quality of sound than they once did.

With studies indicating that men are twice as likely to develop hearing loss as women, it is important for this group to understand what their options are, and how hearing aids can dramatically improve their quality of life.

Men, here are a few signs you may be experiencing hearing loss:

  • difficult understanding rapid speech
  • believing that others are intentionally mumbling or slurring their speech
  • inability to hear unfamiliar words
  • difficulty hearing an individual when the environment is noisy, such as in a restaurant
  • difficulty hearing high pitched sounds, including women’s voices, while retaining the ability to understand men’s voices
  • loss of ability to tolerate loud noises

Signs of hearing loss frequently noticed by relatives and loved ones:

  • cupping a hand around his ear in order to hear more clearly
  • moving his chair closer to the television or sitting near the front at the movies
  • leaning closer to the speaker when in conversation


Untreated hearing loss can cause a number of distressing emotional issues, such as feelings of depression, anxiety, frustration and loneliness. Wearing hearing aids can help to negate these issues, and the technological advancements in the hearing industry may mean your hearing aids are almost invisible. Taking a simple hearing test could improve your relationship with your loved ones dramatically, so why not find out how far hearing aids have come and reclaim your hearing?


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