Will a hearing aid make my hearing new again?

YOURLifeChoices member Fred has noticed a decline in his ability to hear quiet sounds and finds it hard to understand words spoken in public places. Fred wants to know if a hearing aid will return his hearing back to normal.

Q. Hi Team,

My hearing has been declining gradually for some time now and it has gotten to a point where I struggle to understand words spoken in loud public areas such as a shopping centre food court. My wife has also noted an increase in the number of times I ask her to repeat what she said to me from the other room. I am thinking of getting my hearing tested and wanted to know if a hearing aid would return my hearing back to normal.


A. A hearing aid cannot turn back the clock to give you ‘normal’ hearing. A hearing aid will help you to hear and understand better in most situations. The improvement won’t be instantaneous like putting on a pair of glasses to fix your vision, as it takes time to adjust to the hearing aids.