Help for Jean

Lionel and Jean have experienced many wonderful times and have worked hard to build a comfortable lifestyle. But Lionel’s health deteriorated and it meant he needed to move into residential aged care leaving Jean to deal with important health, lifestyle and financial decisions. How did Jean cope? 

Both Jean and Lionel have been diligent with their finances, but Jean faced a mountain of complex financial information and important decisions to make on her own, with little time to make them. Feeling a little overwhelmed, Jean’s immediate thoughts were, ‘How much will it cost and how can we pay for Lionel’s care? Will we have to sell our home and will we still get an Age Pension?’

Just by chance she saw an advertisement on YOURLifeChoices website for the National Information Centre for Residential Aged Care (NICRAC). The NICRAC service is specifically for those moving into aged care and their families. It is free, independent and confidential. Consumers can discuss the potential, immediate and future financial impacts such as those that Jean and Lionel face.

Jean called NICRAC and spoke to a friendly specialist information officer who explained how Lionel’s aged care fees are determined, how they could be paid and options she had with their assets and income. She was also given information on where to seek professional advice if she felt it was needed. Jean felt a huge weight lift off her shoulders and could get back to focusing more on her and Lionel’s health and wellbeing. 

NICRAC is there to educate and inform consumers on which investment options are available and how they can prioritise their needs and objectives. Whether you go it alone or seek professional advice from a financial planner, the NICRAC service can be invaluable when, like Jean, you are under pressure to make such important decisions.

Consumers can contact NICRAC from 9am to 5pm weekdays on 02 6280 0234. A general overview of the service can be found at