Lifting weights helps older adults live 46 per cent longer

Strength training helps older adults live 46 per cent longer.

In 1997 researchers from Penn State College of Medicine began a study on the exercise habits of older people aged 65 and above. Over the study’s 15-year duration, nearly a third of the participants died.

What the researchers found was that less than 10 per cent of the subjects undertook strength training during that period, but that those who did were 46 per cent less likely to die during the study than those who did not.

Even after adjustments to factor in influences on health such as BMI, diabetes and heart disease, and lifestyle habits including physical activity, drinking and smoking, weight bearing was linked to a 19 per cent reduced risk of death.

Not only does lifting weights strengthen muscles and bones to keep you agile, it also reduces your risk of falls and fractures and helps you burn more calories.

Author of the study Jennifer Kraschnewski says even a little strength training can do a lot for your health.

“Older adults have the ability to achieve strength similar to those decades younger by engaging in simple strength training routines.”

Want to learn how to lift weights? Check out this guide on how to strength train properly.

Read more about the study.



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    1st Dec 2016
    Lifting weights can also cause muscular damage and hernias if not done properly. Again, professional advice is highly recommend.
    The pom
    1st Dec 2016
    I do regular exercises with 3 kilo weights as these are not enough to cause strains but many repetitions of each exercise seems to help me. Also a ride on a bike early each day on the local bike tracks seems to help me feel set up. A few press-ups while my breakfast oats are cooking seems to help, and try to eat sensibly. No alcohol or tobacco. I hope I can keep up exercise when I get old, but at 83 I feel as though I may be on the right track.
    3rd Mar 2017
    lol Strength training alone won't help you live long geez, I have to eat properly, not be stressed about this that and the other, oh and did i mention HAVE Fresh air, that too helps the lungs NOT Wheeze at night when i want to sleep?
    SO pollution is a big NONO?
    It seems the polliticans have forgotten about health as well, they are sending money overseas, instead of funding our own hospitals. OH and filling their own little Pockets with not a care in the world about the homeless, or where the young will work these days. They just care about the bigger companies. WEll and fair enough, cause if they are NOT in australia, they should NOT get any cuts at all. If they are off shore, you cut them off quickly.
    SO many problems to fix, and still those monkeys cant seem to organise themselves too well. AS one said in another forum. Whats the use of all those immigrants, if they have NO work? if they put more a strain on our system. HOW does that help us??? Then did I mention the i think did you can't sleep well, and you die even if you do exercise. So this is a bit of a joke yeh?

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