Medicare changes

Changes to the EMSN may mean more of your medical expenses will be covered, but the change to indexation of the MBS may mean less bulk billing doctors.

Extended Medicare Safety Net (EMSN)

Under the EMSN the general household threshold will be increased from $1221.90 to $2000 from 1 January 2015. The concessional amount, which applies to holders of Commonwealth concession cards will remain at $610.70.

The EMSN pays for 80 per cent of out of pocket costs for eligible Medicare out of hospital expenses.

Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS)

The indexation of the MBS will be realigned with other Government fees and the next indexation will take place on 1 July 2014. This means doctors will only be able to claim $36.60 from Medicare for bulk billed services. The additional services will need to be absorbed by the doctor.

Chronic wound management

A scoping study will be undertaken to provide a cost-benefit analysis of options to improve management of chronic wounds.

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