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News and information about health and ageing, including recent studies and updates on the latest health research and breakthroughs.

New tool in the fight to stop older adults losing their teeth

Tooth loss is often accepted as a natural part of ageing, but perhaps not for much longer.

Major health fund to return COVID savings to customers

Medibank announces it will offer $105 million in premium relief to customers.

Vaccine efficiency against Delta strain revealed

Government shares vaccine delivery details but yet to predict when we'll be fully vaccinated.

Research finds fish oil can fight superbugs

Scientists confirm that regular fish oil can break down superbugs' powers.

People with dementia need more support for decision-making

Lawyers call for legal reforms.

Are your dreams trying to tell you something?

On average, we spend a twelfth of our entire lives dreaming.

Music good for brain activity

Music soothes the soul and the savage beast and, so it seems, people with dementia.

Have you put your life in safe hands?

Age discrimination commissioner tells why we must have this protection mechanism in place.

Chance discovery offers new treatments for high blood pressure

Researchers investigating Alzheimer's make a surprise heart disease discovery.

The plan that could make Australia the world’s healthiest country

AMA attacks health reforms as 'stagnant' and 'piecemeal' and calls for a better plan.

Celebrating quitters: Give up smoking and save on your life cover

Quitting smoking can cut your life insurance premiums by hundreds of dollars. Here's how to

Fascinating facts about blood

Blood is such an important fluid, but how much do you know about it?

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