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Older women contracting STIs at a faster rate than young women

Fears the newly single may have missed the safe sex messages of previous decades.

Deaths from suicide drop as COVID's mortality impact revealed

COVID was the 38th ranked cause of death in 2020.

How the moon affects your sleeping patterns

Phases of the moon may affect the sleep of half the population.

Is your health insurer passing on pandemic savings to you?

Australian health insurers paid out $500 million less in hospital and extras benefits over 2019-20.

Negative thinking can shorten your lifespan, study finds

Pessimism can send you to an early grave, researchers say.

Vitamins and minerals aren't risk-free: six ways they can cause harm

Six ways commonly available supplements can harm your health.

Which nut is best for your heart?

Eating nuts is linked to lower heart disease risk, but there is a dispute over which nut is

Light exercise for four hours a week increases stroke survivability

Study finds light exercise can increase stroke survival rate by up to 54 per cent.

Dissolving pacemaker could eliminate the need for some heart surgery

Scientists develop a pacemaker that dissolves in the body after several weeks.

Elective surgery backlog unlikely to be resolved any time soon

Bleak outlook for those awaiting elective surgery.

How does Australia's health system rate internationally?

In the wake of the Tokyo Olympics, another international scorecard has been released.

Why Baby Boomers are missing out on health insurance savings

Thousands of savvy savers are using Health Insurance Comparison to cut their premiums without compromising

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