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Study finds a strong coffee before exercising increases fat burning

Caffeine ingested half an hour before aerobic exercise increases the rate of fat burning.

Afterpay for elective surgery sparks warnings of financial risk

The Financial Counsellors Association warns that buy now, pay later companies such as Openpay are

Study shows link between exercise and heightened immunity

Research confirms exercise stimulates bone growth and boosts immunity.

Stretches that help to align your spine

Solid posture starts with spinal alignment.

So you thought eating fish twice a week was good for your health?

Weekly fish dishes reduce the incidence of heart disease only for this group, study finds.

Buy now, pay later hospital procedures coming soon

Australia's lenders enter the market to help cover hospital bills.

How to save a life

Discover which first aid myths kill, find a first aid course near you.

Massive imbalance in heart attack treatment and care, survey finds

Survey of heart attack survivors finds women less likely to receive lifesaving treatment.

Curing the incurable: Why some patients make astounding recoveries

GP and holistic health expert tells why some patients make unbelievable recoveries.

Doctors call for convicted child killer Kathleen Folbigg's release

Health experts say she may have been wrongfully convicted, but why?

Scientists closer to developing a vaccine for urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infections disproportionally affect older adults, but there is hope for a vaccine.

Could your phone help to prevent blindness and glaucoma?

What if instead of damaging our eyes, we could use our smartphones to prevent blindness?

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