An apple a day lowers your cholesterol

Eating one apple a day can lower the cholesterol in your blood which causes your arteries to harden.

A new study, funded by an apple industry group, has found that eating an apple a day can lower your cholesterol. The study of healthy, middle-aged adults found that eating one apple a day for four weeks lowered the blood levels of a chemical linked to hardening of the arteries by 40 per cent.

Taking capsules of the antioxidant found in apples had a similar effect, but the results were not as good.

The chemical linked to hardening of the arteries is oxidized low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or ‘bad’ cholesterol. When this chemical oxidises it takes on a form which begins ‘atherosclerosis’, or hardening of the arteries. After eating the apples the difference was described as “similar to that found between people with normal coronary arteries versus those with coronary artery disease”.

To read more visit the Science Daily website.


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    9th Oct 2012
    That's good to know; I love apples! My favourite fruit. Just another reason to eat them.
    31st Oct 2012
    I have multiple chemical sensitivities and high cholesterol from an inherited iron load. I am not prepared to spend my life having seizures so don't and won't take cholesterol lowering drugs. I will however start eating more apples.

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