How to drink more water

How to ensure your daily water intake.

How to drink more water

With summer on the way it’s important to remember to drink plenty of water. Whether you lead an active or a relaxed lifestyle, water is essential to maintaining your health. 

There is no set formula for how much water a person should drink. How much water you require depends on many factors, including your overall health, where you live and how active you are. Generally, health practitioners suggest you drink around two litres per day. That’s the equivalent of about eight glasses.

Water makes up 60 per cent of your body weight, and throughout the day you gradually lose water through breathing, perspiring, and your urine and bowel movements. It is crucial that you replenish it by drinking water and consuming foods that contain water.

On average, food should provide a person with roughly 20 per cent of their daily water intake. The rest should be clean, fresh H2O. 

Fruits and vegetables are ideal foods to eat to maintain hydration because they are made up of at least 90 per cent water. Some of the highest water content fruits and veggies are:

  • cucumbers – have the highest water content of any food
  • iceberg lettuce – has the highest water content of any lettuce variety
  • celery – contains bonus fibre
  • capsicum – especially the green variety which is packed with antioxidants
  • watermelon, cauliflower and broccoli – all contain cancer-fighting compounds
  • cantaloupe – contains 100 per cent of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C
  • radishes and tomatoes.

Ways to drink your daily water:

  • drink a glass of water with each meal and between each meal
  • keep a glass at your work or space and refill it every hour, or carry a water bottle made from stainless steel or glass with you so you can drink constantly throughout the day
  • drink a glass of water each time you’ve gone to the bathroom
  • put lemon, cucumber or strawberries pieces in your water glass or bottle to give your water extra taste and zing
  • drink water before, during and after exercise, especially if spending time in the sun.

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    26th Sep 2014
    watch the latest Catalyst program on ABC to see just how wrong this article is!!!
    26th Sep 2014
    I saw the program and cannot see any problems with the above article. The gist of the program was to debunk the old wives' tale about having 'to drink 8 glasses of water a day'. Maybe I missed something????
    26th Sep 2014
    Let the Garden Hose run for a Minute or 2 before drinking from it !! That Plastic taste is Disgusting !!
    26th Sep 2014
    Is alkaline,ionised water beneficial compared to ordinary tap water?
    26th Sep 2014
    Sounds like you need a rain water tank, preferably not plastic so that particolor does not taste the plastic molecules.
    26th Sep 2014
    It must taste Terrible Mick ?? I had an old Fireman once who used to put 2 Vincent powders in the one Paper and go across to the Signal Cabin and wash them down straight out of the Hot Hose !! YOW !! I could tell by the look on His face it was not Kocher !!..He Died of Liver Liver failure long before I retired !! Yes I did say Liver twice !! He was Polish and You couldn't tell him anything !! I warned him a Dozen Times or more at least let the tap run a bit till its cool ! But No !!... God Rest His Soul !!
    19th Feb 2016
    What worried me about tap water was the fluoride, which I believed to be a carcinogen. After suffering a kidney cancer I am more convinced than ever that my original concerns, which came from an issue of the Japan Times newspaper, were valid.
    These days the only water I drink at home is distilled, produced in a still before going through a carbon filter.
    What never ceases to surprise is the stinking gunk that is left in the bottom of the boiler when the tap water has evaporated. Spring water purchased from the supermarket leaves a white residue, possibly clay, but doesn't stink.
    Polly Esther
    26th Sep 2014
    can hardly wait for the next 'health' article to appear that contradicts this one.
    26th Sep 2014
    It'll probably be about not sticking Your finger into HOT Toffee mixture to test it ??
    26th Sep 2014
    What if drinking water makes you violently sick??
    26th Sep 2014
    Try Gin or Whiskey !! But I think a Tad less than 8 glasses a day !!
    26th Sep 2014
    SolJesse I find that if I drink my own rain water I am ok. If I go interstate or to a different town I have to either take my own rainwater or buy the bottled water from the shops as I too can get violently ill if I mix the water. Tap water is a real no no with me. I cannot drink too much tap water. I have to be very careful how much I drink if out of a different tank.

    26th Sep 2014
    I have heard that your body determines when it needs water through thirst. My doctor has never mentioned how much water to drink a day.
    26th Sep 2014
    Neither has Mine !! Nor how much to let out either !!
    27th Sep 2014
    I used t work in the tropics,mn when the students were siting fir long exams , we insisted that they take
    A bottle if water wuth thn,to drink every 20 mins, as after that the brain stats ti dehydrate nnthinkvg becomes sluggish
    It is vital that we all consume water
    27th Sep 2014
    No point drinking it unless it is filtered. I use a alkanizing filter which works great. If you don't like water try coconut water or flavour your water by infusing fruit or mint.
    A. N. Onymous
    28th Sep 2014
    Over twenty years ago I attended a health course run by our local SDA congregation (to which I did not, and do not, belong). One of the things I have never forgotten was that one should NOT drink water with a meal because it dilutes the gastric juices. The suggestion was that one should stop drinking water X minutes before a meal and not drink it again until Y minutes after. Many years after that SDA course I came across that same instruction in a book.

    I think X and Y were thirty minutes and sixty minutes. In any case, ever since then I have tried to avoid drinking water with a meal or for a good amount of time before or after one. Although not mentioned at that course, I also try to minimize my intake of other liquids at a meal since, although they would require digestion, they would dilute the gastric juices as well.
    30th Sep 2014
    To Trood & Particular, That's because most Drs don't seem to know a lot about nutrition..Too busy supporting the Drug Companies. Talk to a good Dietitian or Naturopath

    3rd Nov 2014
    I was having trouble once after being in hospital with air conditoning going full belt all day & night a friend asked what was wrong when I told her she said you should be drinking water by the glassful. At first I thought to myself she is losing it when I suggested I would need to sit on the loo all day she said no you won't. Anyway to try it I started drrinking water (filtered) each day by the bottle full Just a few sips at a time now I never go BYWHERE WITH OUT SAID BOTTLE AND NTICE A DIFFERENCE EACH TIME i DON'T FINISH IT.
    3rd Nov 2014
    GOONK ! GOONK !! GOONK !!! GOONK !!!!
    13th Sep 2016
    The 2 Vincent powders were no problem , just the water ?
    26th Jul 2017
    mate maybe I am causing a lot of problems 4 meself long an short if I have 8 cups of water a year I would have done well long an short I would drink up 2 5-6 cups of coffee a day but put me nexta a babbling brook or bush creek I will drink it till it comes out me ears if u know wot I mean long an short I we were bought up as little people that the cows were more important than us 4 the water long an short its sorta been stuck in my brain ever since + ive read that many things about that water bottle stuff I cant get me head around drinkin it at all long an short it musta been doin me a bit of harm 4 70 years or more aye

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