Regenerate your immune system

Fasting for just three days could be enough to regenerate your entire immune system.

Regenerate your immune system

Fasting for just three days could be enough to regenerate your entire immune system, a new study has found. Scientists at the University of Southern California have found that fasting, or not eating for a period of time, kick-starts the body’s stem cells into producing new white blood cells.

Participants in the study were asked to fast for between two and four days on a regular basis over a six-month period, and tests were undertaken to ascertain the makeup of their blood. They found that fasting flips a ‘regenerative switch’.

Professor Valter Long of the University of California explained, “When you starve, the system tries to save energy, and one of the things it can do to save energy is to recycle a lot of the immune cells that are not needed, especially those that may be damaged.” When you start to eat again, the body is prompted to make new, undamaged white blood cells, leaving you with a newer and more efficient immune system.

Fasting has long been used to mitigate the effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients. Fasting for 72 hours before chemotherapy has been shown to protect patients from the toxic impact of the drugs used.

This research has been cited as potentially useful to the elderly, whose immune systems often become less effective with age, making it more difficult to fight off common diseases.

It is worth noting that any extended fasting should be undertaken under medical supervision, and that those who suffer from diabetes should be wary of going without food.

Find out more at The Telegraph website.

Have you ever tried fasting? Would you ever consider going three days without food?


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    23rd Jun 2014
    Interesting how science "finds" these things when the Bible said to do it thousands of years before!! Still a good book for life......
    Polly Esther
    23rd Jun 2014
    Hello, obviously somebody has written another book about fasting and are trying to flog it by claiming it's something new and great to do . Marvellous. People have fasted since people were invented. Always have and always will.

    23rd Jun 2014
    I wear a BACKWARDS WATCH and feel younger every minute
    23rd Jun 2014
    Oh, thats why Mr Abbott brought in the tough budget for improve our health by forcing us to fast for 3 days to just exist !!!
    23rd Jun 2014
    BUT NGE, if pensioners don't eat (fast for three days) then what about all the food in the shops?? What about the farmers?? Golly, I'm even starting to worry about the financial situation of Australia .... NO, the world!! We, the pensioners, may be responsible for the next financial crisis in the world. Now I am really depressed. Gosh, I don't feel like any supper tonight. G'night all .....
    23rd Jun 2014
    maybe that,s another why they get you to fast before you have an operation ? to help the immune system.
    23rd Jun 2014
    I have read a lot about fasting but have never been able to do a full day unless I was really sick in bed and couldn't eat, maybe that is your bodies natural way of recovering going off food. I do think it is easier just to try morning fasts, to give your digestive system a rest, or even just having juices or smoothies for a day or two. I feel faint if I don't eat all day.

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