Action plan aims to stop Australia’s two biggest killers

A new national action plan will tackle heart disease and stroke.

Tackling Australia’s biggest killers

The Government on Monday announced a new national action plan to tackle two of Australia’s biggest killers – heart disease and stroke.

The Federal Government will partner with the Heart Foundation and the Stroke Foundation in developing the National Heart and Stroke Action Plan.

The first plan of its kind, it will focus on the prevention, control and research of cardiovascular disease.

National Heart Foundation Group chief executive John Kelly praised the long-term commitment to reducing the impact of cardiovascular disease – Australia’s most costly chronic disease.

“The National Heart and Stroke Action Plan is an opportunity to avoid premature deaths and save lives through a co-ordinated response to cardiovascular disease, which includes two of Australia’s biggest killers – heart disease and stroke,” Professor Kelly said.

“Cardiovascular disease affects 4.2 million Australians, costs $8.8 billion each year in healthcare expenses and is a leading cause of death and disability. Despite these alarming facts, cardiovascular disease is mostly preventable.

“The Action Plan will plug gaps in Australia’s approach to the prevention and control of cardiovascular disease to reduce risk, improve detection and outcomes for patients, and reduce the immense impact cardiovascular disease has on the health system and the community.”

The number of people with cardiovascular disease is set to continue to increase as Australia’s population grows and ages.

Lifestyle factors are also having an impact as some risk factors, such as poor nutrition, lack of physical activity, high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure, continue to rise at alarmingly high rates.

Stroke Foundation chief executive Sharon McGowan commended the move to stem the tide of this chronic disease challenge.

“We look forward to working with the medical community and key stakeholders to look into what gaps might be present in prevention, treatment, recovery and research,” Ms McGowan said.

“The development of a National Heart and Stroke Action Plan will set the agenda for the next decade’s action on heart disease and stroke. It will help guide resource allocation to life-saving interventions and improve the quality of life for those living with cardiovascular disease.

“It will also help ease pressure on health systems by reducing avoidable hospital admissions.”

The Federal Government has provided $170,000 towards the development of the Heart and Stroke Action Plan.  

Cardiovascular disease:

  • comprises a number of individual diseases, including heart disease and stroke. Heart disease is Australia’s single biggest killer, stroke is Australia’s third biggest killer
  • kills one Australian every 12 minutes
  • affects one in six Australians or 4.2 milllion people
  • accounts for almost 30 per cent of all deaths in Australia
  • is mostly preventable.
  •  is the costliest disease to treat – $8.8 billion is spent each year in direct healthcare expenses, including $5 billion on hospital admissions and $1.65 billion on pharmaceuticals.

Are you happy to see prevention of heart disease and stroke receiving appropriate attention? Should the Government be doing more?



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    30th Oct 2018
    We have an action plan...Now where have I heard that before?
    We didn't take any action but we were planning to
    30th Oct 2018
    The required action is from people NOT the Government. People know what they need to do they simply refuse to do it: eat right and exercise. No amount of 'action plans' or throwing money at the issue will solve the poor lifestyle decisions people will continue to make. And those same people will demand gold plated treatment and support when it all goes pear shaped.
    30th Oct 2018
    I agree people are addicted to their bad diets and lack of exercise just like those who drink alcohol everyday or smoke. It is also many on medication that is increasing the risk of heart attacks too.
    30th Oct 2018
    You're dead right! There are ppl with medications/diseases that don't help with the fight but in general, it's US (everyone of us) that don't do the right thing!
    30th Oct 2018
    You're dead right! There are ppl with medications/diseases that don't help with the fight but in general, it's US (everyone of us) that don't do the right thing!
    30th Oct 2018
    It has already been recommended many times that people take personal action on their health, eat more wholefoods, cut down on meat and processed foods, and exercise, but many people do not want to change. Eating meat 3 times a day is wayi too much, it has no fiber so you must eat salads or lots of vegies with it, stop drinking alcohol if you have a heart problem already or at least cut down to bare minimum, and stay away from sugary drinks,sweets, caffeine and eat fresh food, not packaged dead food. Many inspirational stories of people reversing heart disease and other diseases can be read at
    1st Nov 2018
    When a person takes something out of their life, the hardest part is finding something else that will fill the empty space and generate the same enthusiasm.

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