The #1 best way to improve health

Dr Michael Evans has come up with the single best thing you can do for your health.

The #1 best way to improve health

Dr Michael Evans has reviewed the evidence and come up with the single best thing you can do for your health.

Imagine a prescription that could reduce arthritis pain, slow the progression of dementia and Alzheimer's, lessen the effects of diabetes and so much more. It exists, as Dr Evans shows in this video.

So, what is the miracle treatment?


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    21st Jul 2014
    What a fabulous, informative video. Of course, we all know that walking is the best exercise, but to have the statistics laid out so well is brilliant. And walking is free. Thank you for putting this on the website. Now, where are my shoes? And motivation....
    21st Jul 2014
    I'm sure it is a very useful tip, but I am not going to play a video that lasts for over 9 minutes.
    21st Jul 2014
    I didn't watch it either. I'm guessing that the miracle treatment is made up from 5 ingredients.
    Moderate exercise, having a safe place to live, having someone to love, having hope for an improved future, and being useful to others or some sort of organisation.
    21st Jul 2014
    Even if you have poor download speeds like me, it is worth the buffering time. This video presents a fairly compelling and convincing argument. It is not enough for us to know what we should do, we need something like this video to motivate us. It is easy to do once the routine is established, it is just hard to get back into that routine after a break. And for those like Frank who don't want to waste their time watching, please don't waste our time giving us your uninformed comments.
    22nd Jul 2014
    Time is what I don't have and I busy myself trying to not think about that. But the reason I didn't watch it was because I didn't want to run over my GB allowance like I did last month.
    Anyway, I watched it and even though the message was predictable from the preamble it was delivered in a way that would make many people change the way they think. I particularly thought the tail end, "call to action" question was very powerful!
    Well worth watching!
    21st Jul 2014
    Great Video ! Great to have statistics put so easily & clearly. no magic ingredients ! Just 30 mins exercise per day ! And the benefits statistics listed were very motivating. didnt realise it had that much effect. Will now go and do my walking which I skipped today due to blood test .... excuses excuses ... we all do it !
    21st Jul 2014
    Right, I'm off for a walk too! This is a great little video - puts it plain and simple!... and I have been very slack lately - so I am going for a walk around the block!..
    And as for download, I had to buffer it too - I have very slow internet too ...
    but it has made me go for this walk right now :)
    21st Jul 2014
    I just comeback from my daily walk, fresh air and YES it's Free.!!!
    22nd Jul 2014
    Walking has helped me recover quicker from illness. Sitting for long periods of time without getting up is what is making a lot of people sick. Getting up and moving every hour, stretching and going outside for fresh air all helps. Walking in sunshine is the best in order to get your vitamin d which is a cause of a lot of illness if you are lacking.
    A. N. Onymous
    23rd Jul 2014
    Some readers have commented here about their download allowances and speeds, and similar remarks have been made about YouTube videos in previous articles.

    We can watch the video by clicking on its play button , or we can click on the YouTube logo in the righthand corner to “Watch on” (this appears when you hover with your cursor over the YouTube logo).

    In either of those cases we are downloading the video to our computers, and it is being counted in our download allowances. If we watch it again, it is downloaded again and counted a second time.

    Instead of doing either of the above, I use the YouTube Downloader to download the video to my computer without playing/watching it as it downloads. (The YouTube Downloader will not work with the URL for this YLC page – get the YouTube link by right-clicking on the YouTube logo in the lower righthand corner of the video and choosing “copy video URL” from the pop-up menu. Paste that video URL into the YTD. )

    As soon as it has finished downloading, I check it with my antivirus. As soon as I know it is safe, I can watch it from my hard drive as many times as I like, without being online and without it being counted in my download allowance every time I watch it.

    If I don't like it, I can delete it from my hard drive. I can also copy it to a flash drive and give it to a friend (as I have in the past for someone who does not have as large a download allowance as I do and who has grandchildren who like to use her computer, and her download allowance, when they visit).

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    Home page where you can download the YTD (also has information and history):
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