The 15 new year’s resolutions you can easily stick to

New year’s resolutions to improve your health don’t have to involve sacrifices.

The 15 resolutions you will stick to

It’s that day in the year when many of us are full of resolve to make improvements to our lifestyles in the coming 12 months. Some will make new year’s resolutions to give up smoking or drinking, or to start exercising more regularly, and so on.

Invariably, many of us will crack and go back to our old habits. Some sacrifices are just too hard to maintain.

But resolving to be healthier does not need to be hard. Rather than feeling like you are giving up something cherished, a promise to yourself to take better care of your body will more likely than not end up making you feel happier and more content.

And there’s no need to be radical … just a few small tweaks to your lifestyle are enough to get you on the right track without too much angst. Here are 15 simple new year’s resolutions collected from around the worldwide web that you could try:

  • get at least seven hours of sleep a night
  • eat every two to three hours rather than waiting until you’re ‘hangry’
  • wear sunscreen every time you go outside
  • take a brisk 15-minute walk each day
  • make time after each meal to do some simple stretches
  • drink a glass of water before and after each meal
  • cut meat out from a couple of meals a week
  • have some healthy snacks nearby so that you are not tempted to open a packet of biscuits, or something worse, when you feel like a nibble
  • at least once a day, go somewhere quiet, and relax by closing your eyes and taking 10, slow breaths
  • add less salt and sugar to your meals
  • take up a hobby, such as knitting or colouring in, and practise it when you feel stressed
  • practise forgiveness, gratitude and do less complaining, because studies show this works to boost physical health
  • read one book a month
  • take up drawing or painting
  • concentrate on your posture so that you sit and walk as straight as you can.

Have you ever stuck to a new year’s resolution successfully? What resolution will you be making for 2019? Or, do you think new year’s resolutions are pointless?



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    31st Dec 2018
    Are you serious? Eat every two to three hours AND have snacks on hand! Wow!

    No wonder there is an obesity problem.
    31st Dec 2018
    This is good advice i would think. Healthy snacks & good food as opposed to sugary/sweets, bickies, cake, fried food, pastries & junk- works for me anyway i think. 57 & 54kg's (tho was about 52kg a couple years ago)
    31st Dec 2018
    Every two or three hours is too much for me. I would never get out of the kitchen!

    31st Dec 2018
    Read one book a month? Please tell me I don't have to keep to that resolution. I typically read one a day and I can't imagine cutting back THAT far!
    Star Trekker
    31st Dec 2018
    I couldn't cut down either.
    31st Dec 2018
    They are suggesting AT LEAST one book per month. One per day is only something I could dream about!
    31st Dec 2018
    There are people who probably never pick up a book like us so who read several books a month. Trying to finish one for new year at the moment. Meditation is a good idea and will try that as a new year resolution. Happy New Year to all
    31st Dec 2018
    There are plenty of good books on the Gutenburg site that can be downloaded free of charge. There is also a page where you can make a small donation to the site if you wish but it isn't required.

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