Sex toys for Mums

A furore has erupted over the National Pharmacies advertisement for sex toys as gifts.

Sex toys for Mums, National Pharmacies advertisement, chemist chains, Catalogue, Australia

A furore has erupted over the National Pharmacies' advertisement for sex toys as gifts for Mother's Day. The G-spot massagers and vibrators, amongst other sex aids, were featured in the chemist chains’ Mother’s Day catalogue. Mainstream media, including the Adelaide Advertiser, has quoted mums being ‘surprised’ by this advertising and a spokesperson from the Australian Family Association, Terri Kelleher, believing such advertising to be ‘irresponsible’ The Melbourne Herald Sun was even more outrage, with ‘X-rated Mother’s Day catalogue shocks shoppers’ as its headline.

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Are you shocked? Or is this too trivial to even think about?


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    4th May 2012
    Think it comes under the heading a time and place for everything! Know that kids go through these catalogues to see what they can find to buy their Mum wants so definitely not right to have this sort of advertising in that medium
    4th May 2012
    The mind boggles. There is a place for sex toys even for us oldies but they should not be allowed in a publicly delivered catalogue. where young children can see them.Hard enough explaining the birds and bees to your children let along what a G-spot is or a vibrator.Took me years to find these things out. My hubby says we don't need them as I can always play with his toys.
    5th May 2012
    So most seem annoyed at the advertising maybe they ought to visit Canada as I did a few years ago where most women had vibrators & even one I visited had it in the kitchen as it "Needed washing up" I just hoped it hadn't been in the same wash up that my cup & saucer had been in previously.
    5th May 2012
    What an awesome thought. Once upon a time they were hidden in a drawer in the bedroom-how times change. Guess it comes under the heading that what we don't know won't hurt us.
    27th May 2016
    Wow we R growing up Aren't we , sex toys 4 women ?? A lot of people I don't think thought women still have those desires but yes the Daily is hardly the place 2 advertise. or Catalogues Where do U get them ??
    27th May 2016
    Wow we R growing up Aren't we , sex toys 4 women ?? A lot of people I don't think thought women still have those desires but yes the Daily is hardly the place 2 advertise. or Catalogues Where do U get them ??
    4th Jun 2016
    I think we have far bigger issues to be concerned about!
    6th Jun 2016
    Of course we do BDW but it doesn't hurt to have a laugh .
    Most things R beyond our control with our Caretaker Govs.
    We R mostly foreign owned , when was our last referendum ? Oh yes that was about a republic, Our Constitution is ignored in the main so is Common law , so what law do we have in Australia . & of course sex toys shouldn't be available to children via catalogues. Goes without saying .
    19th Jun 2016
    I find the ABC news much more vulgar...what's a few sextoys??????????

    5th Jul 2016
    I reckon I'm a sex toy in a man's body - there ain't NOTHING those things can do for mothers that I can't...
    20th Aug 2016

    Your comment made me chuckle my head off.

    Obviously not a fighter then!

    20th Aug 2016
    Sex is Life, with humans being the biggest partakers of this pastime as they can copulate without the need of waiting for the female to come into season. We have sex for pleasure and not to specifically make babies.

    Male controlled corporate media use women as sex toys in their advertising and everywhere else they can.

    OUR children, especially girls see the need to present themselves as is done in advertising and as presented by corporate media..... in skimpy costumes that present them as sexual first, a person second... if at all.

    Effectively women are STILL presented as MEAT for men to 'appreciate'.

    I think it a good thing that women of all ages are aware that they can enjoy sex without the need of a male partner or companion. It gives them more freedom..... and satisfaction????

    So, is it so terrible that sex toys for women are presented in a Chemist catalogue?
    25th Aug 2016
    I’ve been having a lot of injections lately (blood tests etc). Just before plunging the needle into my arm, the health worker usually says something like “Now, small prick”. When I don’t respond with “How dare you, madam - I’ll have you know it’s of quite respectable length” I use “No worries - I’ve had more pricks than you’d see in a gay bath house”. This usually doesn’t go down well, a common reply being “Ooooo, you’re RUDE”.

    Too many of us are controlled by an old-fashioned prissy attitude to anything relating to sex, intimate body parts etc. If someone is selling sex toys for women, why shouldn’t they advertise them in any forum they choose? To protect kids? From what?? Most kids know far more than their parents about sex-related matters. By wrapping up sexual matters in secrecy, calling them “rude”, we encourage excessive interest in them and facilitate sexploitation. It’s time for grown-ups to grow up.

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