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While mild memory loss may be a natural part of ageing, there are simple changes we can make to improve our brain function, according to MoneyTalksNews. Here are 13 ways you can take control of your memory and keep your mind sharp.

According to the ECO Institute, meditation not only improves your focus and slows ageing, but also helps your working memory and brain function.

Have a laugh
Both laughter and friendship have been linked to improved memory. So grab a mate and have a chuckle or throw on a comedy classic if you want to sharpen up your mind.

Get your Vitamin D
Seniors who have dementia have been found to have lower levels of vitamin D than those with normal memory or mild cognitive impairments.

Regular exercise
Along with just about every other organ in your body, exercise helps your brain health, in turn improving your memory.

Manage your blood pressure
Hypertension or high blood pressure can reduce blood flow to the brain, which may be linked to developing cognitive delays.

Stay hydrated
Being hydrated can help you maintain focus while dehydration has been linked to poorer memory retention.

Eat some berries
A study has shown that berries such as blueberries and strawberries help prevent memory decline in women.

Eat a Mediterranean diet
Packed with vegetables, fish, olive oil and whole grains, the Mediterranean diet may help with age-related cognitive decline a study suggests. 

Stress less
According to stress and holding a negative outlook on ageing itself is likely to accelerate ageing and damage cells in the body.

You may not think it, but research has shown that taking small breaks, as short as 10 minutes, can help with your recollection.

Quit smoking
As we all know by now, smoking isn’t good for your health, and the same goes for your memory. A study showed smoking can make you lose some of your everyday memory. Luckily, upon quitting, your memory is likely to be restored.

Sleep soundly
While you’re dreaming, your brain is busy replaying and filing away your days’ worth of memories. If you don’t have enough sleep, your brain misses out and this may worsen your memory.

Keep learning
The results say that learning shouldn’t stop at school. Learning new information and skills throughout your life can help with brain function and improve your memory.

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Written by Liv Gardiner


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    Eat more greens, especially leafy greens raw.

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    I start every day with mental exercises. Microsoft Solitaire Challenges are free and there’s a new set of five challenges every day.



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