Keeping healthy is an important part of productive ageing but there’s more to life than simply worrying about your health. Emotional and physical wellbeing is just as important and eating well, exercising and taking time to keep your life balanced should all be part of your plan for a long, happy and healthy life.


Better Health Channel of the Victorian Government covers pretty what you want to know about walking

Water Aerobics

This article covers the benefits of water aerobics and has some tips on getting started.Go there

Weight Training

Many medical professionals now recommend weight training for people over 50 in addition to

Active Australia

An Australian Sports Commission initiative to encourage people to be more active. It has advice

Grandparent Support Organisations

The State and Territory seniors information services can help you get in touch with appropriate government

Grandparents as primary carers

Grandparents sometimes take on the primary care and responsibility of their grandchildren on

Children - Legal Matters

Children are frequently in permament care through informal arrangements with relatives rather than

Return Unwanted Medicines

The National Return and Disposal of Unwanted Medicines Ltd, known as the RUM program, is a

Healthy Eating

Australian Guide to Healthy Eating: Information about the amounts and kinds of food you need

Active grandparenting

Grandchildren will keep you on your toes, there’s no doubting that and if you can’t beat

Get going

Exercise is often overlooked as a very positive antidote to many of the symptoms of depression. The

Pet Pals

People love their pets and some are happy to share the comings and goings on Fido and Tiddles with


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