Keeping healthy is an important part of productive ageing but there’s more to life than simply worrying about your health. Emotional and physical wellbeing is just as important and eating well, exercising and taking time to keep your life balanced should all be part of your plan for a long, happy and healthy life.

Five types of relaxation and the power of rejuvenation

Not all rest is equal. Make sure you're getting the type of rest you need the most.

Why now is the best time to shed your COVID kilos

Your body might need a nudge to return to its pre-lockdown weight.

What to do when you are embarrassed by your partner

My partner is kind and loving - but I'm embarrassed by him in public.

What you need to know about the antibiotics crisis

Antibiotic resistance has taken a back seat recently, but it's still a major issue.

The food items that could cause a second heart attack

Your chances of a second heart attack jump by two-thirds if you keep eating these products.

A nasty habit that can more double your risk of impotence

This discovery may scare the pants off most men.

Signs your partner really supports you

These are some of the ways you know your partner supports you.

A weight loss solution that helps men lose weight – and keep it off

Not your typical weight loss program - it actually works.

Everything you need to know about flavonoids

Flavonoids explained: Which foods are best for increasing your intake?

Max bares his bod to help you shed any excess kilos

YourLifeChoices regular Max Williams shares an account of his battle with the bulge and what

A handy guide to ensure you don't eat too much

People tend to finish everything on their plate, even if they're full.

What to do if you're struggling with a sleep routine

Research finds 10-11pm is the best bedtime for your health.

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