Alternative Therapies

10 pain-fighting foods

For many Australians, pain is a daily experience, but these foods can help.

Herbal supplements you shouldn’t try

When it comes to supplements, most people assume that natural equates to good? That is far from

How to repair the hormone imbalances that ruin a good night's sleep

This complete guide to hormone repair will help you sleep better.

What is reiki and can it help relieve stress?

We hear from reiki practitioners about this spiritual therapy.

Nine ways to get (almost) instant relief from headaches

Got a headache but don't want to down a handful of paracetamol or ibuprofen?

How to … cure a hangover

The festive season heralds a time for joy, cheer and hangovers.

Five pressure points that help with motion sickness

If you're nervous about a long drive, try activating these pressure points.

Which brain supplements do and don’t work?

Don't trust everything you see on TV.

Unexpected uses for eucalyptus oil

That little bottle in the back of your cupboard can do more than you think.

Relieve allergy symptoms naturally

Spring is on its way - and so is allergy season.

How to … treat yourself to a honey facial at home

Treat yourself to these four simple honey face masks from ingredients in your kitchen.

How to perform a lymphatic massage at home

This little-known massage has numerous health benefits and can be done at home.

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