Can I save my daughter from extreme detox?

Relationship expert Jo Lamble has some much needed advice for YOURLifeChoices member Evan, who believes his daughter is in danger of harming herself through detox.

Q. Evan
My adult daughter is on a detox regime, which has resulted in her losing so much weight, she looks like a stick insect. I fear for her health and fertility, but don’t know how to broach the subject with her. What can I do?

A. Once a parent, always a parent. It doesn’t matter how old our children are, we still worry about them. There’s nothing wrong with telling her that you are concerned, it’s just important how you do it. She is probably aware that people are worried about her and may be sick of defending her weight loss. So she needs to know that you are not criticising her and you understand if she doesn’t want to talk to you about it.  Why don’t you say something like: ‘How are you? Sorry to sound like a dad, but are you okay? It may be none of my business, but you have lost a lot of weight and I’m hoping that you are being monitored by a GP or another health professional.’

Let her know that you are there for her whenever she needs you and above all that you love her. Then it’s a matter of crossing your fingers and hoping that her father’s words penetrate.

Written by Jo Lamble