Are you better off drinking coffee or tea?

If you like to start your morning with a cuppa, which should you choose?

coffee or tea

Depending on whom you listen to and which papers you read there are many conflicting reports on the health benefits of coffee and tea. Some reports talk about the negative consequences of caffeine while others look at the benefits.

On balance, there seem to be more reports suggesting that both coffee and tea provide significant health benefits.

The positives
Among other things, researchers have discovered that coffee has the ability to reduce the incidence of dementia and Alzheimer’s and type two diabetes. Caffeine has also been shown to relieve constricting blood vessels in the brain, reducing migraines.

Tea has been shown to contain powerful antioxidants and cancer-fighting properties and can also help reduce hardening of blood vessels.

Tea drinkers have a significantly lower risk of stroke and heart disease, and the beverage is known to boost brain health. One health study of older adults found that those who drank less than three cups of green tea a week had a higher risk of age-related declines in memory than those who drank more than two cups.

Tea drinkers also have a higher bone density levels and slower rates of bone loss, plus their cells have a younger biological age than non-drinkers.

The negatives
Coffee is more acidic, so if you have stomach issues or digestive problems, tea is going to cause you fewer issues. Also counting in tea’s favour is the fact that coffee is believed to negatively affect bone density and its increased caffeine content is not great if you have high blood pressure.

Tea is not without its negative impacts. Some studies have shown that drinking tea can reduce the iron absorbed from plant-based sources. Then there is the more cosmetic issue of teeth discolouration, which results from drinking either beverage.

Our verdict
Regardless of whether you are a tea or coffee drinker, it is the additives that risk doing you the most damage. Adding sugar, sweeteners, cream or milk to either hot drink could significantly reduce the health benefit or either. If you take your cuppa with a sweetener, you will derive a significantly better health outcome from cutting it out than you will from switching drinks.

Given you have most likely built up a strong connection with your drink of choice, most people are unlikely to switch. On balance, drinking tea is the healthier option because it helps with bone density, while coffee does the reverse.



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    26th Jun 2017
    I tried checking out the iselect covers. I closed the browser when they demanded my phone number, because I've been there before - I do NOT want a bloody salesperson calling me and nagging me trying to sell me a health cover that gives him/her commission. I absolutely refuse to use these comparison sites because of that!! Sure, I want cheaper cover and yes, I think I pay too much at the moment, but until and unless I am allowed to complete an online comparison it simply isn't worth bothering with these sites.
    26th Jun 2017
    Simply put in a number that 'looks like' a telephone number and all will be well e.g. 0299999999, or 0388888888 etc. The computer program will accept it no questions asked and you keep your number private.
    A. N. Onymous
    27th Jun 2017

    Years ago, after having used only the public hospitals for over thirty years, I went to the sites like iselect and choosi that were advertising on TV at the time to choose a private company. Those sites list the companies that PAY THEM to be listed.

    In the end I made my choice from a government site that listed ALL health insurers. Starting with that list, I could delete the ones that did not offer cover in my state and the ones that were open only to certain professions. Then I removed the "for profit" ones and concentrated on the "not for profit" ones that remained.

    Try for information.
    26th Jun 2017
    BALANCE. As with all things in life.
    26th Jun 2017
    Both have caffeine, which our bodies do not need. It is a stimulant and can have an effect on your thyroid, adrenal glands etc. A little is okay but not everyday.
    26th May 2020
    I drink both tea and coffee. I alternate - eg Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner I have tea. Morning or afternoon tea or in between meals I have coffee. Because I cannot drink either beverage if it is not very hot I cannot drink it filtered or percolated. However this doesn't do my stomach lining any good and I think, over the years, I have worn away the lining of my stomach considering I didn't know anything about the effects of either on my health when I was younger. However, by telling everyone that coffee is so good, we have developed an addiction only second to the mobile phone - but not me. I like to use 2 hands when driving. Next thing you know you will be fined for driving while

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