Could medicinal cannabis solve your sleeping problems?

Trials suggest medicinal marijuana could be the best cure for insomnia.

Could cannabis solve sleep woes?

Australian bio-pharmaceutical company Zelda Therapeutics may have the answer to a good night’s sleep - medicinal cannabis.

One of the company’s oil-based cannabis formulations has been working well to treat insomnia in California for several years now. So well, in fact, that the company is now moving to start formal clinical studies in Australia and Chile.

Dr Stewart Washer, a stem cell scientist and executive director of Zelda Therapeutics, says medicinal cannabis has proven to be much more effective than other treatments for insomnia.

Importantly, unlike common tranquiliser-type drugs, it also creates a more natural sleep state.

“Our upcoming clinical studies will be conducted in a sleep laboratory, allowing us to measure its effect on brain waves, so that we can validate this strand of medicinal cannabis as a dependable and safe treatment for insomnia,” Dr Washer said.

“Everyone needs to get a good night’s sleep, and following these studies, we hope to have a new class of cannabis based treatment available for purchase next year,” he said.

According to a recent report, 39.8 per cent of Australian adults experience some form of inadequate sleep or sleep disorder. Those sleep disorders are thought to contribute to nearly 400 deaths per year that are caused by people falling asleep at the wheel or having an industrial accident.

“This lack of sleep had harmful effects on everyday function and exacerbated health conditions from heart disease and stroke, through to diabetes and depression in tens of thousands of Australians,” said Professor Dorothy Bruck, chair of the Sleep Health Foundation, which commissioned the report.

The results are especially concerning when considered alongside new research suggesting sleep is vital in allowing each cell, in every organ of the body, to continue to function.

Do you suffer from a sleep disorder? Would you be prepared to try medicinal cannabis to treat your sleep disorder?



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    18th Aug 2017
    Yes! It's surely better than getting sleep deprived dementia! (But no if it doesn't work...)
    18th Aug 2017
    If it has been working well in California for several years, why is it necessary to do formal clinical studies here in Australia? Most people who have tried cannabis in some form or another can attest to its insomnia-beating benefits. When I had my first - I mean only - bong it was in the early 60s in Adelaide, and cannabis had not yet been banned. But then the churches, and conservative politicians, un-nerved by the sight of young people having a good time, got involved. Since then, untold billions have been spent trying to enforce a ban which has ruined thousands of lives and denied potentially life-saving treatment to thousands more (cancer patients etc). Let commonsense prevail!

    18th Aug 2017
    Although I have never used it myself I think it can be good for many ailments we all have.
    I personally prefer a couple of beers for sleep purposes but that is me.
    Give it a go.
    18th Aug 2017
    i would give it a go i haven't had a decent sleep for years it would be heaven to stop waking up and falling asleep during the day
    18th Aug 2017
    I have read many good reports re this treatment & it is about time Australia reaped the benefits as well.
    18th Aug 2017
    It is a pity the Australian "Research" could not be checking on Europe where a "Non Transdermal" Patch has already been accepted by a Ministry of Health and is classed as a Class 1 medical device for Insomnia. This patch is safe for ALL ages, does not introduce drugs or other unsafe ingredients into the body and is already proven effective, is easy and simple to use, low in cost and has NO harmful side effects. The additional benefits with this patch are also amazing in sedating stress and providing clarity during the day. However, in Australia if something is not understood it is ignored. It is about time people doing the research here woke up; maybe they need some good sleep first too. The patches are readily available in Australia, maybe the researches should obtain some :) Rob
    Not a Bludger
    18th Aug 2017
    Be careful, very careful.

    Medical (so-called) cannabis has not been properly trialled or tested for long term side affects and there is no credible, medical evidence available

    No one knows if the severe psychotic (and other) problems associated with cannabis are there with this form of it or not.

    I, for one, would not take the risk.
    18th Aug 2017
    The "Non Transdermal" Patch sounds fantastic ROB. Do you need a prescription for it in Australia?

    Not a Bludger, you obviously don't understand the properties of Medical Marijuana. The plants are bred to not have any THC, the "out of it" or "stoned" ingredient. The plants are bred for the very beneficial cannabinoids that reduce inflammation, pain and stress, to name a few benefits.

    I would rather they put it in the water supply instead of the poisonous (Schedule rating 6-7 poison!) "fluoride" cocktail, derived from the scrubbers of the chimneys at the fertilizer factory in Geelong. They won't and can't prove it's safe, despite increases in child bone cancer rates, fluorosis, kidney problems and decreased bone density (probably due to a lack of calcium absorption because of fluoride taking its place). Of course, there's a law that prevents forced medication in this country, and rightly so, yet "fluoride" is forced onto many of us illegally.
    18th Aug 2017
    No Janran, Because the patches are so safe and easy to use - No Prescription necessary. They are already accepted by the medical authorities in all the 100+ countries they are distributed including the TGA in Australia.
    Even Medical Marijuana while apparently easing many conditions can still have a negative reaction with some people - the patches have NONE even with the millions of people now using this Non Transdermal patch technology around the world. The patches are extensively trialled and studied to prove their effectiveness and safety. Rob
    Not a Bludger
    18th Aug 2017
    No, I do not know the properties of so called "medical" cannabis but neither does anybody else.

    No medical, controlled trials, particularly long term, have been carried out.

    If you choose to believe the twitter feed etc, then like the anti-vaxers, on your own head be it - BUT not me or mine - and do not shout for my taxes to fund it.

    18th Aug 2017
    Just as heroin has been abused, so has marijuana. Opium in various forms has been used as a medicine for centuries and is still used today in different forms. If marijuana is used in the same way as opiate based medicines are then I have no hesitation in giving support. A number of synthetic drugs have side effects which are not as evident in drugs which are closer to nature. As with drugs issued by prescription, marijuana based medicines should not be available for abuse.
    18th Aug 2017
    Old Man,
    If marijuana-based medicines should not be available for abuse, how do you feel about alcohol? Alcohol is abused far more than marijuana is and has far more devastating consequences. One should proceed with caution, of course, but there have been sixty or more years of experience with and study of marijuana use in Australia: people experiencing problems would in almost every case have experienced far worse problems had their drug of choice been alcohol. Or heroin. Or cocaine. Or ice. Marijuana use can lead to harder drugs, but many users find that it satisfies their needs and there's no need to explore further.
    18th Aug 2017
    Well Fish, alcohol might be all the things that you describe but in Australia, it is legal. Marijuana is not. I don't want any philosophical discussion on the rights or wrongs of a legal product.
    18th Aug 2017
    Synthetic canabis has been around for years, I have heard all the stories that people put out there about alcohol being worse than canabis, neither of these drugs are good for you, talk to the medical profession they will tell you about the dangers associated with the use of either of these drugs, some people will try to convince you that canabis is not as bad as alcohol this is a fallacy, I have seen first hand the damage that long term canabis use causes, it has ruined many people's lives, not just the user but their family's as well, there is an argument for seriously ill people to have access to medicinal canabis, the only problem is that it is often abused, I don't know what the answer is or how you would manage the use of medicinal drugs but we would have to monitor it very carefully.
    21st Aug 2017
    people who over use dope will over use anything that changes their reality. Clearly they have issues. I've used dope for nearly forty years as my go to relaxant and sleep helper. It's also not physically addictive, but if you've got deep issues, you can become psychologically dependant. Those people would be using some chemical alternative if cannabis wasn't around. Much harder to break away from that. Cannabis is a great mental and physical relaxant.
    19th Mar 2019
    Yes providing the driving laws change to allow us to still drive while taking it. At the moment in Australia if you meet a drug testing blitz you will lose your licence.
    25th Feb 2020
    Yes, I agree that everyone needs to get a good night’s sleep. It would be great if we'll have available cannabis based treatment for different sleep disorders. By the way I've already discovered cannabis products while browsing
    25th Feb 2020
    By the way, these patches mentioned below are the same as used in hospitals in Europe and elsewhere about the world and the one used for assisting with sleep is already listed as a Class 1 medical device for Insomnia!

    CBD oil seems like a good idea, BUT the following could be great information for anyone concerned or having issues with induced or ingested substances?


    We notice in Australia the average cost for CBD users is $370 MONTHLY!!!!!!
    Is this a fair price and what should be considered before even using? There are some issues to think about.

    1. DOSAGE is critical and must be correct. It will vary with age, weight and other issues. This alone can be a huge concern if attempting to assist someone suffering with severe conditions or considering for infants or elderly.
    2. As with any ingested or induced substance there can be negative side effects. Be aware of this!!!!!!!
    3. Because the product must work its way through the gut/bloodstream much of the effectiveness can be lost, particularly with substances often being depleted through the stomach.
    4. The speed at which the CBD can work can also be an issue, often with costly long-term use being required? The CBD is in effect working its way through the digestive system or bloodstream to hopefully create an effect through the communicating system in the body and finally have some sort of positive effect at a cellular level.
    5. Manufactured ingested or induced substances while trying to create an effect at a cellular level can be very restricted due to the particles of the substance being too thick or of such a consistency that they cannot enter all the cells in the body.
    6. Also, how pure is the oil you are considering?

    AN ANSWER????

    There is a Non-Transdermal Photobiomodulation patch available that when applied to the body communicates with the energy system in the body to create a near immediate POSITIVE effect at a cellular level. The advantage with this patch is that it is easy and safe to use PLUS:

    1. Has NO issues with dosage. The body itself is in control, so no risk of either overdosing or under dosing. The patches are proving safe for ALL ages from birth to 100+ with the same patch used for the smallest infant to an animal the size of an elephant. Yes, they are great and easy to use for animals too!
    2. Has NOTHING ingested or induced into the body, so there are NO harmful side effects EVER!
    3. Can provide a long-term effect with short term use.
    4. Communicates directly at a cellular level. Positive effects can often be noticed near immediately. The patches generally provide a long-term benefit with short term use!
    5. Already has extensive clinical studies proving their effectiveness. Also has MEASURED STUDIES showing considerably improvement in the function of several VITAL ORGANS – NO other product appears to have these studies? Because the body itself is creating the molecules required at a cellular level these molecules can readily enter EVERY cell in the body.
    6. Is Economical. In just 24 hours a couple of these low-cost patches can have the same effect of reducing Oxidative stress as expensive ingested products having to be used over 30 to 60 days to produce the same effect. There can be more expense initially when first using the patches to reduce severe conditions but generally an initial purchase of around $200 can last several weeks or even months.
    7. Considering the general use of the patch/s MAY ONLY COST THE PRICE OF A PURCHASED CUP OF COFFEE EACH WEEK then overall the cost is very little for the benefits provided.

    There are no medical claims made here but is based on what is observed with CBD and other products available compared to these patches. Understanding the Pros and Cons and comparing the features of various products could be a great way to start? Simply, we are not saying do not use CBD oil but do suggest doing the research first to determine what you may need? Rob Harding.

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