Don’t let stress ruin your festive fun

Christmas is supposed to be fun but it can bring a lot of stress.

Woman holding simple Christmas gift at stress free Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be fun, but anyone who has visited a shopping centre over the last two weeks will know what Christmas stress looks and feels like. To stop you from blowing a gasket, here are some suggestions to help take the frustration out of the festive season.

Don’t blow your budget
There’s so much pressure to find the perfect gift, or to ensure everyone receives something, but the point of giving is not to bankrupt yourself. If you haven’t managed to put a little away for Christmas over the last year, now is not the time to start spending money you don’t have. Think about gifts you can make, or re-gift, or why not give a Christmas promise?

If you have a large family, why not suggest a Kris Kringle gift, or only buy for the children in your group? Most importantly, set a limit to spend on each person and stick to it.

Try to get your shopping done early and pop a few extra non-perishable items in your trolley when you’re doing your normal food shop. Don’t leave home without a list and mark off the items as you buy them. Where possible, get your supermarket shopping delivered and order your turkey, ham or beef in advance. Keep a spare, wrapped gift under the tree just in case.

Christmas lunch
The joy of having everyone to yours on Christmas Day can soon be overshadowed by the hard work involved in cooking for them all. Don’t be afraid to keep things simple and delegate where possible. Prepare what you can in advance and consider serving a buffet-style lunch where everyone brings a platter and can help themselves. If your budget allows, have Christmas lunch at a restaurant and let someone else take care of the washing up.

Getting along
When you’re tired, you naturally become more irritable, so if you’re having someone to your home who normally sets you on edge, assign them a buddy to keep them out of your way as much as is polite. If there are two people who constantly bicker, don’t expect civility just because it’s Christmas; if you can avoid inviting one, do.

Keep everyone busy, appoint someone as head of activities and arrange a game of backyard cricket, a walk to the park or some simple board and parlour games.

Limit your alcohol intake and avoid self-medication.

General health and wellbeing

To avoid becoming ill over the festive period, it’s important to look after your general health and wellbeing. Consider:

  • Everything in moderation – it’s ok having fun but don’t eat and drink too much. Drink-driving is dangerous and illegal, so don’t think you’ll get away with it. And take a day off the social merry-go-round and relax.
  • Get plenty of sleep – don’t try to keep going continually and do enjoy a few early nights and long lie-ins.
  • Keep to your regular routine – if you usually exercise, meet friends or have regular appointments, keep doing these things.

Remember, Christmas is about having fun. Don’t get too worked up and take plenty of time to enjoy having your family and friends close by.



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    14th Dec 2016
    Let your wife do everything.

    (and here come the female comments!)
    14th Dec 2016
    Well if you want a job done well naturally the expert (woman) is the logical choice ! Attention to detail, diplomacy with family, remembering individuals' likes/dislikes, time management - I could go on and on !!!
    14th Dec 2016
    Well done. Everything is under control.
    Ted Wards
    14th Dec 2016
    I do laugh about these articles and people complaining about Christmas, the cost and the stress. For start, its a commercial holiday designed to get consumers to go crazy and put themselves in debt. Then families goes crakers about it, and strive to have bigger and better gifts than the year before.

    Its quite simple, relieve yourself of this burden and dont give into consumerism. Don't celebrate it in consumer style but how about getting back to basics. A small gift as a token of your affection, or how about making gifts. Take the family on a holiday instead. Stop buying into the consumerism trap! Simple, end of stress!
    14th Dec 2016
    Yep, stress is what you make it. Shop early and relax.
    14th Dec 2016
    Agree totally - so much money spent, often on credit cards. Weeks/ months later lots of this gear is in the tip !

    Myself, I've got EVERYTHING I need so I'm avoiding shops heaps nowadays
    14th Dec 2016
    We are having Fish Paste Sandwiches here this year ! :-)
    And anyone who doesn't like it can Go Home !! :-(
    BAH HUMBUG ! :-(

    PS.. :-) :-)
    The $3.40 less 85 Cents Rent Rise was just enough for a Jar of Pecks Anchovy Paste :-) :-)
    14th Dec 2016
    I have the best solution for Xmas -- pretend it doesn't exist and ignore it totally -- sadly I still have to go and get food on occasions -- but no way I am going to get caught up in a crazy money making racket -- as I can eat what and when I like any time of the year -- and I don't expect my family to be on the roads as this crazy time -- never once in my life have I been away at Xmas --always choose to work through and have time off for holidays till the quite time of the year
    14th Dec 2016
    That is very Old now ! A friend and Myself have been doing that for about 30 Years ! Pretend it never happened, and just have a Normal Dinner with friends if you want :-) :-) You wont Miss a Thing :-) :-)
    14th Dec 2016
    Yes I have been doing it for 50 years now -- and love it
    14th Dec 2016
    Its STRESSLESS Ay :-) :-)
    15th Dec 2016
    Sure is Particolor -- except for the time I HAVE to go and get bread and milk
    17th Dec 2016
    For those who know the truth of heathen Christ-mass.
    And shun such idolatry. Can be sung to the tune of Away in a manger


    Away in old Babel, the harlot’s cult bed,
    The baby god Tammuz lay down his stone head;
    His whore mother Ishtar - great Babylon’s light,
    The pure virgin goddess gave birth on that night.

    The time was the solstice, December two - five,
    Though cut down in summer, he now is alive;
    So light all your candles and send gifts around
    And sacrifice babies - abortions abound.

    Away in old Egypt does Isis give birth,
    And baby god Horus has now come to earth
    Three chiliads later in Ichabod Rome
    A counterfeit CHILD is there welcomed home.

    Your God is not our God, your goddess is damned,
    Foul goddess reserved, for the fire brand
    Nor can Lord Yeshua or Miriam have blame;
    Let Pontifex Maximus hang his head in shame.

    So let the believers reject heathen arts
    And heed these true words that the Saviour imparts;
    ‘I encourage my saints to reject Christmas Day,
    for my God will never bless such a foul way!’

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