Eat oatmeal to lose weight

While there are many important factors in losing weight, including exercise, seeking medical help and lifestyle choices, diet is certainly a big part of the process. A new study has found that choosing oatmeal for breakfast in favour of ready-to-eat breakfast cereal (RTEC) can help people to lose weight.

The study was designed to find ways to combat ‘subjective appetite sensations’, also known as feeling hungry. The researchers were looking at how ‘sated’ participants felt after eating the two breakfast options. They also measured how long it took for participants to start feeling hungry again after eating either the oatmeal or the RTEC.

The study took a sample of 48 healthy subjects over 18 years of age and has them eat both oatmeal and RTEC on different mornings. The researchers collected satiety feedback prior to eating breakfast, and at several points over the four hour period following consumption. The factors measured included hunger, fullness, stomach fullness, satisfaction and desire to eat.

The findings show that “the oatmeal breakfast resulted in a greater increase in perceptions of fullness and a greater decrease in perceptions of hunger, desire to eat, and prospective intake in the four-hour period postprandial when compared to the RTEC”. People essentially felt less hungry for longer after eating oatmeal. It was also noted that there was no difference in breakfast satisfaction.

The thought behind the study is that by finding foods which help people to feel sated for longer, they can help to prolong the period between meals or snacking, thus helping to establish healthy eating patterns conducive to weight loss.

You can read more about the study, Acute effect of oatmeal on subjective measures of appetite and satiety compared to ready-to eat breakfast cereal: a randomised crossover study at the Science Daily website

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