Five little ways to show love

These small acts of daily love are more important than any grand romantic gesture.

Five little ways to show love

We all enjoy being the recipient of a grand romantic gesture: a limousine ride to a fancy dinner or a hot-air balloon ride over the city. But sometimes we’d settle for a cup of tea and someone to ask how our day went.

These small daily acts of love are special because they have the greatest and longest-lasting effect:

Offer small tokens

We’re not talking about flowers or a box of chocolates (though those never go astray). We’re talking about the small tokens of affection that serve as reminders of how much you care for your partner.These include, leaving the porch light on because you know she’ll be late, hanging his trousers out to dry because you know he’ll need them and making sure there’s milk in the fridge for her morning coffee. Simple gestures such as these go a long way to making your partner feel considered and loved.

Show appreciation

It’s easy to forget how much your significant other does, and a simple thank you for cooking dinner, fixing the leaking tap or unpacking the dishwasher is always welcome. Praise makes us feel important. People are also more likely to continue doing things for you if they feel appreciated.

There’s also nothing like having a partner sing your praises in front of others, and mentioning that your wife has a talent for patching holes in your jumper, or your husband makes a delicious roast, always scores you brownie points.

Put yourself out

How often have you said ‘no’ to something your partner wanted to do? Love is as much about doing as it is about feeling, and one of the most important ways to make a person feel loved is to say ‘yes’, even when you don’t feel like it. So, promise you’ll see that movie she wants to see or that’ll you’ll go and watch his golf game on the weekend. Compromise is one of the major cornerstones of a relationship, but compromises such as these shouldn’t be difficult to make.

Check in

One of the simplest ways you can show someone love is simply to ask how they are. When we see someone every day, we can miss talking about the small things. When she gets home in the evening, ask how her day was. If he seems preoccupied, see if he needs to chat. A text message to your significant other during the day also lets them know that you’re thinking of them. 

Follow through

A great demonstration of love is making the other person feel like they can count on you. The best way to give your partner that sense of security is to follow through with your promises. If you told her you’ll put out the bins tonight, do it tonight. If you promised to meet him at the café at 1pm, don’t be late. Don’t allow your other commitments to take over your time together.

When it comes to maintaining a solid relationship, it’s definitely the little things that count the most.

Do you have any suggestions for daily acts of kindness?


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    28th Aug 2015
    My hubby has always held my hand in public , Its an endearing little gesture that has been shown for 50 years....but one of my grandchildren asked pop " Why do you hold nannies hand poppy?"...because I like to feel her next to me " he replied " and it also stops nanny disappearing into the shops"...LOLOL...Not only caring but wise... :)
    28th Aug 2015
    All these suggestions are great. The one I think that is missing is the physical one and by that I mean the small physical acts that tell your wife husband or significant other you love and care about them. I always try and hold my wife's hand when we are out or near each other. An arm around the shoulder or a shoulder rub shows you care. Having a chat. They all help to show her I love her.
    28th Aug 2015
    One of the mistakes we make is to endeavour to show love 'the way we like to have love shown to us'. Love languages have different meanings for different people. One might like affirmation, another acts of service, while another might enjoy gifts. There is a good book by Gary Chapman called "The 5 languages of love".
    28th Aug 2015
    I am not good in the acts of kindness field .I tend to be too kind, to the point of being gullible ,but in a rough way. I have learned something from a nurse in the hospital, where my husband was for an operation.The nurse noticed (without being told ) that the contact with the cotton sheet was irritating for his leg ulcer and she brought for him ,from her home , sheets of real silk,that were of great relief to him.
    28th Aug 2015
    I'm a firm believer that love is a choice before it's an emotion. It is hard to resist someone who is completely committed to you, even when you're not easy to be with at times, for whatever reason. Sticking with someone and always wanting/working for the best for that significant other is the ultimate act of love. Emotions are up and down in life, but real love is unselfish and makes the outcome of a tough time stronger for the relationship. As the traditional marriage vows say: for better or worse, for richer or poorer....etc. I am so fortunate to have a husband like this (35 years marriage).
    29th Aug 2015
    I tyell my husband I love him every day - also sometimes when I am passing his chair I will kiss the top of his head. We always hold hands - and my husband often will pass a 'kiss' to me across the room. We have been married 53 years.
    30th Aug 2015
    I agree with Troubadour. I do the same to my wife. I tell her how beautiful she is every time I see her. I tell her I love her as often as i can. I hug her often and kiss her many times a day. We have a very happy loving romantic relationship.We are both 74 and have been married for 53 years also
    1st Sep 2015
    You people are so lucky to have each other still. My husband and I had 45 years together and we still had our love until the day he died. We used to hold hands every night when we went to bed and I can still remember the day he died and I was so distraught. I am positive I felt his arm entwining mine as I lay in the dark remembering all the good times. He gave me two wonderful boys and a lovely life. I still say goodnight to his photo next to the bed.

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