Five ways to burn more fat

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While it may sound too good to be true, it is actually possible to increase your fat burning potential while you sleep. The trick is to boost your metabolism, increasing the rate at which your body works, as weight loss is associated with an increased metabolic rate.

Here are five easy ways to burn more fat;

  1. Drink green tea

Green tea contains less caffeine than coffee and more antioxidants. Due to its thermogenic properties it has also been shown to increase metabolism and fat oxidation.

  1. Choose your exercise wisely

While any exercise is better than none, opting for high intensity interval training or resistance training will help you to burn more fat. Both forms of training help your resting metabolic rate, meaning that you continue to burn fat long after your workout is finished.

  1. Eat more wholegrains

Eating more wholegrains such as brown rice, oats, quinoa or spelt can improve your metabolic functions because of the complex carbohydrates and fibre which they contain.

  1. Spice up your life

You may have heard before that chilli is good for your metabolism, however it’s not just chilli that can help you to burn more fat. All peppers will boost your metabolism, even just adding black pepper to your meals will make a difference.

  1. Get more sleep

A very easy and appealing way to lose weight; getting enough sleep is essential in order for your body to function at its optimum level. Not getting enough sleep places a lot of stress on your body and can disrupt hormone levels leading to potential overeating and weight gain. Make sure that you are getting the right amount of sleep each night to allow your body to perform at its best. 

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Written by SJ


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  1. 0

    The one ting wrong with these ideas is eating grains of any sort is mo good for you whole grains or any other grain. They are all rubbish most are subect to GMA or at leas mixed with them. Why do you think there are so many cases of gluten intolerance these days?

    • 0

      There is gluten free bread available as there is in fact many other products. You can also buy bread mix that is gluten free and make your own. There is one type that all you have to add to it is water.

    • 0

      wow who hs been reading “Wheat Belly” we sure would have a food shortage if all went on a no grain diet.

  2. 0

    A little bit of grain is good for you and still needed.
    Most of these intolerances are caused but all the bad foods people are eating these days. All the processed foods they kill all the good gut bacteria that causes illness. Saying away of anything packaged will do your health and body a favour. Enjoy meats veg/fruit grains and the occasional treat and you’ll live a happy heathy life.

    • 0

      And don’t forget plenty of exercise

    • 0

      Be aware that some grains are starch and contain high levels of carbohydrates.
      Carbohydrates convert to sugars. If you wish to research this there are lists on google
      e.g. carohydrates in fruit……vegetables……food. I was also given lists by a fully accreditated dietician (who has a provider number accepted by Medicare – not all do)

  3. 0

    6 … I Burn Fat in a Lamp now !! Cheaper than Electricity !..
    And Unicorn is Right Those GM Companies need a Good Looking Into ??.. I know a lot of Celiac people now ?? Id never heard of it before ??

    • 0

      I have a nephew who has Coelic Disease to the extent that his intestines are damaged. He even has to make sure that there no traces of gluten even in one meal or snack otherwise he had stomachproblems which can last a few days from just one meal. Coelic Disease is also known to be genetic. Even some smallgoods contain gluten including ham used during processing. You can buy gluten free ham – Primo is one of the brands guaranteed to be gluten free. You can ask the deli to clean the slicer so there is no cross contamination.

    • 0

      Yes I have a Friend whose Daughter has it ! And never knew until fairly recently why she was Crook !! We have to have Special Biscuits and all sorts of things now that don’t contain ANY Wheat Products !!

    • 0

      There are other grains that have gluten in them too. Oats don’t contain gluten but have a protein in it which is very similar to wheat etc. Have you noticed the differences in prices too ? You need to re-calculate your budget. The cheapest loaf of bread (generic) – all of them are smaller than standard loaves is about $4.00 a loaf.
      If you decide to go out to a hotel or cafe as a special treat, you have to check whether they do gluten free meals. Some don’t guarantee that there will not be any cross-contamination. Many charge a lot more for gluten free meals too. Some of the Restruants which are fairly expensive actually recommend that you ask to speak to the chef before ordering. If it is self serve vegetables and salads they will advise you which ones have dressings that don’t contain gluten in them. Even some mayonaises and brands of tomato and other sauces have gluten in them. It takes ages to read the labels to determine which products are gluten free. Some products you need to check the labels regularly as some that didn’t used to have gluten in them now do. Some goods from overseas that have gluten in thgem are not labeled. Some use another product name and you may not realise the products have gluten in them. If you are a sweet tooth, there is very few lollies of any type that are gluten free. Some that used to be now have gluten in them as my nephew found out the hard way. This includes what used to be gluten free chocolate bars.

    • 0

      You said it for Me !! She cant eat Chocolate now either !! I have to eat the Lot !!
      Painfully So ! But I force it down !!

  4. 0

    If whole grains come out the same way they went in, there’s no benefit.
    They have to be crushed.

  5. 0

    a baker once told me that all the goodness in flour etc was processed out , so are other grains. You may lose weight but the pesticides /insecticides etc will get u eventually

  6. 0

    I wish!!! I am a light sleeper and always have been. When we used to babysit my niece when she was a tiny baby in a crib, I would hear her stir before she started to cry. She was 2 rooms away from me, not in my room. I am still as bad unless I have had a hectic day and am really tired. If somebody walks into a room and speaks to me I may not hear them but I may hear them walking around a couple of minutes later if it is a timber floor.

  7. 0

    Google Wheat Belly and Grain Brain and then tell me if you think whole grains are still good! Time to turn the tide.

  8. 0

    Would love to be able to eat chilli or peppers, but the cause me oesophageal problems.
    Any other suggestions instead of these?

    • 0

      Same here! I had problems last night before I even ate my bland homecooked dinner.
      I have problems with many herbs and spices too. On one occasion I was taken to hospital by Ambulance as I had heartburn, kept vomitting and still couldn’t keep water down 5 hours later. That is when I was diagnosed with oesophaeal reflux.

  9. 0

    Particolor if you insist on eating Vegemite nothing can help you I can only feel sorry for you, YUK!!

    • 0

      Just put a Red Dot Sticker over Mr Halalled’s Extortion Demand till the Jars Finished !! Us pensioners cant waste anything now with our Belt so tight !. Just wont buy anymore !!

    • 0

      They are about to introduce one which has less salt in it too. It is already available in USA – has been since 2002 or 2003 (I know somebody who was working there then).

    • 0

      Yeah I know I just saw a Jar of it in Coles !! No it was Woolies ! 25% less Sodium !! OH Goody !! Suits My Fidelity !!

  10. 0

    if you want to avoid GM grains and most pesticides join a co-op. The vegans that shop there ensure well sourced products and a high degree of turnover. Yes it is more expensive but if you volunteer to fill containers or clean shop you get a 20% discount.
    They support small Australian farms (you can go and inspect them) then source overseas

    I am not vegan ( eat white meat and fish)



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