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Over a lifetime your skin goes through a number of changes. The two most dramatic periods of change are puberty and menopause. During menopause many women find that their skin dries out, while others develop combination or acne-prone skin. This means the way we care for our skin and apply make up needs a rethink.

Heavy powders will emphasise large pores and metallic or creamy eye shadow can leave your eyes looking lined. But where do you find out what works well? The following videos and websites will give you a great range of tips and tricks to flatter your new face and keep you looking fresh. 

How to apply natural makeup
A fantastic all-rounder video to get you started. It goes through the basics of foundation, blush, eye makeup and lip colour.

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How to get even foundation coverage
Makeup artist John Gustafson has a great range of ‘how to’ makeup videos for mature skin. This one is just for applying foundation and concealer to get your face ready for other makeup.

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How to bring out mature eyes with makeup
Liz Hurley’s makeup artist shows you how to apply makeup to open up your eyes and minimise any fine lines. This is also a useful video if your eyes are quite hooded.

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How to make lips appear fuller
John Gustafson has some great tips for plumping up your lips using nothing but makeup. He also explains how to stop your lipstick from creeping into the creases around your mouth and how to choose the right colour for you.

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Fifty is the new forty
Fifty is the new forty is an American lifestyle website with a great fashion and makeup section for mature women. This article is a great starting point to get you thinking about your makeup. We can highly recommend looking through the rest of its fashion and beauty section – it covers everything from flattering haircuts to menopausal acne.

Do you have any great makeup tips and tricks to share? Share your best beauty secret in the comments below.

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