Foods to keep your brain healthy

Eat your way to a healthier brain and lower your risk of dementia.

Foods to keep your brain healthy

As you age, the foods which you eat can have a lot to do with the health of your brain. Consider adding the following foods to your diet to help protect your brain.

Fish – salmon, herrings and mackerel are all great sources of omega-3 fatty acids which help reduce brain shrinkage, increase memory function and reduce inflammation in the body. Aim to eat fish at least once or twice a week.

Grains and cereals – beans and green peas deliver a rich source of B-complex vitamins helping to maintain a healthy nervous system and blood sugar levels, as well as protecting against brain shrinkage.

Spinach – contains at least 15 different antioxidant compounds which have been shown to slow the formation of the beta-amyloid plaques that build up in those with Alzheimer's disease.

Vitamin C – this antioxidant is essential for healthy skin and blood vessel function as well as dementia-related brain plaque. Eat more oranges, limes and lemons along with sweet peppers, strawberries, cantaloupes, tomatoes, broccoli and leafy greens.

Vitamin E – found in almonds, other nuts and avocado. As well as promoting healthy blood vessels, recent studies have shown that Vitamin E may also slow the progression of Alzheimer's.

Coffee – consuming about three cups of coffee a day may help to protect against Alzheimer's, according to a 2012 University of South Florida study.

And lastly, although not a food, new research suggests that you may have a higher risk of developing dementia if your levels of Vitamin D are low. So get out in the sunshine for 10 to 15 minutes a few times a week and boost your Vitamin D levels.


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    11th Sep 2014
    Excellent article, well worth following for those that eat on impulse, taste, colour etc.
    As they say: "You dig your grave with your knife and fork" and/or
    "If you're GREEN inside, your CLEAN inside".
    11th Sep 2014
    Great, Mitzy and Andrea. If you don't eat fish then flaxseed will provide the Omega 3.
    11th Sep 2014
    There is also good research on coconut oil, turmeric and zinc in assisting brain health
    16th Sep 2014
    yea all good until I went 2 the quack an he says it will affect your cholesterol level but like u say it does seem 2 do some good for the altziemers thing maybe I should take a whole jar a day aye ???
    11th Sep 2014
    Encouraging people to drink coffee 3 times a day will not help other health problems, it is hard for your kidneys and liver to deal with. Better stick to one a day or none, and only fresh not instant which is too highly processed.

    I agree flax seed oil is a better source of omega 3, it must be properly made and fresh. Stoney Creek flax seed oil company has all the info which they will send out with your first purchase you buy online, sorry for the plug but this is a wonderful Australian company that should be supported and far more sustainable than fish.

    Also B12 is not mentioned which is very important to keep a check on your levels as not everyone can absorb enough of this important vitamin.

    And eat your spinach organically, easy to grow and chop and add some raw to all your meals, maybe not breakfast unless you making a smoothie than by all means add away.
    11th Sep 2014
    There's so much food that's recommended these days - I only eat 2/3 light meals a day, and I couldn't possibly fit in all these variations, and probably couldn't afford it anyway. My weight has been 12.5 stone for over 50 years, and I don't go to doctors, so my inferior diet is OK so far.
    16th Sep 2014
    yea a man after my own heart u an me must be bro,s cos I probably bout the same as u on yu mate

    11th Sep 2014
    New research indicates that a banana a day could delay the onset of Alzheimer's because of its potassium content.
    12th Sep 2014
    Potassium is prevalent in heaps of foods, deficiency is hard to imagine.
    15th Sep 2014
    You'd think so..but there are still many Aussies who don't eat much fruit and vegies. A banana is easy, so the experts think anyway.

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