Grandparent advisors

For some, being a grandparent is more than a part-time position. With more grandparents becoming full-time carers for grandchildren, what help is available?

Grandparent Advisors can now be accessed in some Centrelink Customer Service Centres and can provide information on payments to which grandparents, as full time carers of grandchildren, may be entitled. These payments include:
•tFamily Tax Benefit to help with the cost of raising children
•tChild Care Benefit to help with the cost of approved child care
•tParenting Payment which is available for children under the age of 16 years
•tHealth Care Cards in the name of the child being cared for to help with the cost of prescriptions

The locations of Grandparent Advisors corresponds to areas where there is a high number of grandparent carers. The current locations are:
•tCaringbah, NSW
•tPenrith, NSW
•tOakleigh, VIC
•tCaboolture, QLD
•tPerth, WA

If you live in the above areas you can contact a Grandparent Advisor by calling 1800 245 965. Or, if you live outside these areas you can still access assistance by contacting your local Family Assistance Office on 13 6150.

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