Grandparents' support

Caring for a child will mean many changes to your life, socially and financially. Often, the circumstances that see you being responsible for a child’s care are less than ideal. So where do you turn for help and support?

For many, the idea of becoming a grandparent is idyllic, days spent with adoring children, doing all the things you never had the time or money to do with your own children. Sadly, the reality for many grandparents these days is very different. Often thrown in at the deep end, looking after grandchildren because their own children can’t cope with being parents themselves.

There are many support services throughout Australia offering help with childcare, financial advice, reconciliation, practical and legal advice and health issues. Where friends may previously have been the centre of your social network, you may now find yourself needing a different social scene which includes children.

YOURLifeChoices has compiled a list of state organisations which offer advice, support and practical assistance.

TAS – Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

NSW – Raising Grandchildren

VIC – Family Relationships 

WA – Department for Communities

SA – Department for Families and Communities

QLD – Time for Grandparents

ACT – Grandparents ACT & Region