Herbal supplements you shouldn’t try

Because supplements are marketed as natural, they must be safe. Not so ...

Herbal supplements you shouldn’t try

When it comes to supplements, do most people assume that natural equates to good? That is far from the truth. Many supplements and natural remedies can actually cause more harm to your body than good, and may even place you at greater risk of serious health conditions.

Here is a list of natural supplements that WebMD says you may want to rethink taking… for the sake of your health.

While ginkgo is used to ease altitude sickness and improve mental function and circulation, it also thins the blood, so it should be avoided by anyone taking blood thinners or with a blood-related condition.

Stinging Nettle
Used to treat urinary tract infections, kidney and bladder stones, arthritis and allergies, stinging nettle may also cause your body to retain water, so can be harmful for those with kidney or heart-related problems.

If you have diabetes or any heart or blood-related issues, you may want to rethink taking a ginger supplement. Used to ease arthritis, motion sickness and nausea associated with chemotherapy, ginger can also cause alterations to blood pressure, clotting, heart rhythms and blood sugar levels.

Ephedra (ma hunang)
If you thought this supplement was a good way to help alleviate the symptoms of colds, coughs and headaches, increase your energy and help you lose weight, you may first want to consider that it also increases blood pressure and heart rate and the likelihood of a stroke.

Promising a diverse range of benefits, from easing cold symptoms, constipation and even eye infections, goldenseal is also known to cause alterations to blood pressure, clotting and heart rhythms and should be avoided by anyone with clotting problems or taking blood pressure medication.

St John’s Wort
While St John’s Wort is used to help ease depression, anxiety and sleep problems, on the negative side it can lead to headaches, dizziness, dry mouth, nausea and increased risk of sunburn. It may also clash with some antidepressants and even chemotherapy.

As much as we all know and trust aloe to sooth burns and speed up the healing process when rubbed on the skin, taking this supplement orally may cause kidney problems or alter your heart’s rhythm. It may also be harmful to diabetics as it can lower your blood sugar levels.

Used to help with the immune system, diabetes, sex and to slow the ageing process, ginseng may cause a drop in blood sugar and so may be harmful to diabetics or those taking blood-thinning medication.

Used to help ease insomnia and anxiety, possible side effects include liver and kidney damage. It is also known to react poorly with alcohol and sleep-inducing drugs.

Anyone on blood-thinning medications or suffering heart problems may want to avoid excessive garlic consumption as it can thin your blood. It is commonly used to treat colds, lower cholesterol and help with high blood pressure.

Liquorice root
If you have kidney disease or related problems you should avoid this one. Used to help alleviate the symptoms of infections, coughs, stomach ulcers, bronchitis and sore throats, licorice root may also alter your heart rhythm and increase blood pressure.

While Arnica is used to ease swelling, aches and bruises, it may damage the liver, increase blood pressure and cause shortness of breath.

Black cohosh
Used to help treat the symptoms of menopause, such as night sweats and hot flushes, it may also cause liver failure or inflammation or failure of the liver.

Always check with your doctor before taking supplements.

What natural supplements do you take? Will you be giving these ones a miss from now on?


    Disclaimer: This article contains general information about health issues and is not advice. For health advice, consult your medical practitioner.


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    22nd Apr 2019
    The only supplement we take is fish oil capsules which we find helps with joint pain. Could be psychological but what matters is that it works for us. Our doctor doesn't disagree with taking any natural remedies but asks us to check with him prior to using them in the event that there may be a clash with prescribed medication.
    22nd Apr 2019
    Of course doctors don't want you taking supplements they make money from pharmaceuticals. I would never take fish oil, it is rancid stale oil put into a capsule and you do not know what fish they have used and there are better options for joint pain if you do some research.
    25th Apr 2019
    I recently found out that fish oil causes thinning of the blood, hence stopped it.
    It also didn't help with joint pain, I suppose we are different.
    22nd Apr 2019
    I don't take any of them.
    22nd Apr 2019
    22nd Apr 2019
    MY GP uses complementary medicines as well as pharmaceuticals and I have never felt healthier. Over the last 2 years I have lost weight, reduced my blood pressure, lowered my LDL cholesterol to 1.6, total 3.4, and improved liver and kidney function. If you can find a GP like mine you too will benefit from carefully balanced supplements together with a few other drugs.
    22nd Apr 2019
    Rare doctors like your's but well done.
    22nd Apr 2019
    I prefer to use natural food, lot's of fresh fruit and veggies. Celery juice is a wonderful supplement, dark leafy greens and many other wonderful herbs,veggies and fruit. Increase these in your diet and you won't need to supplements. They are helpful for short term use only but needs to be of really good quality, many have too many fillers, so check your sources carefully. This article is just another way to discredit natural medicine against pharmaceutical medicines.
    Ted Wards
    29th Apr 2019
    Unfortunately musicveg too many studies show that our fruit and veg, unless home grown, have few vitamins and minerals in them and are full of harmful chemicals from sprays. I am vegetarian and go to my local growers market to get mine and they also taste wonderful and are not full of sprays as most of them use companion planting to control pests. I use food as my medicine, especially fresh celery juice on an empty stomach, the minerals do wonders to restore you gut system. I agree with you about this article is just another way to discredit natural, and proven remedies that have been used for 100s of years, way longer than medication has been around.
    29th Apr 2019
    So great you heard about the wonders of celery juice, I also buy local produce when I can and organic. I really believe many people are suffering from lack of nutrients. I have all of Anthony Williams books and going to buy the new one when it is released in May. So many people in the world are recovering from many health issues.

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