How to break unhealthy food associations

Many of us get into the habit of enjoying unhealthy food and drink while we're doing everyday things. Learn how to break unhealthy food associations and eat yourself slim with this simple how-to guide.

Many of us get into the habit of enjoying unhealthy food and drink while we're doing everyday things like watching our favourite TV shows, visiting cinemas, going to our favourite club, etc.

Every time you go to the movies do you habitually order a large popcorn, ice-cream, large Coke, bag of lollies or chocolates before sitting down? Or can you watch your favourite soap opera without a cup of coffee or tea and a few chocolate biscuits?

If the answer is yes and no respectively, you could have some unhealthy food associations that could be making you heavier or preventing you from losing weight. In this article we identify some of these habits, how and why we develop them, and more importantly how to break them.

Unhealthy food associations
Unhealthy food associations are very, very common. For example, have you or have you ever heard of someone referring to Thursday night as “fish and chips night”, or Friday as “Pizza night”? I’ve certainly used these terms before, and I’ve heard more than a couple of people refer to them as well.

In isolation, this isn’t such a big deal. It becomes a big deal if every Thursday night is “fish and chip night”, every Friday is “Pizza night” and every Saturday night “Indian Take Away night” and every Sunday “McDonald’s day”.

Add to this weekly visits to the football, cinema, restaurants, dinner parties, or outings with the kids that involve take away food, alcohol, soft drink, pastries, ice creams and the like, the majority of the things we eat and quantities of them that we eat could cause us to put on extra weight that we don’t really want.

Collectively it is the combination of all these occasions that becomes our ‘lifestyle’, that thing that almost all professional weight loss advisers tell us we need to change if we are to achieve sustainable weight loss.

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    31st Mar 2012
    and the unhealthiest of the lot is so called health foods, such as Bran Flakes - not so bad if they were only flakes of bran but they are full of sugar and salt etc. There are many more things like this in so called health foods ever thought what is in diet soda? Plenty of unhealthy food additives like colour & flavouring.

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