How to get rid of belly fat the natural way

Belly fat can be a significant risk factor for serious health problems.

How to get rid of belly fat

Belly fat is more than just a superficial concern. It is also a significant risk factor for serious health problems such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Fat around the midsection – known as abdominal obesity, central or visceral obesity – dramatically increases your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and even some forms of cancer.

How do you know if this means you? Generally, if a man’s waist circumference measures more than 102cm, or a woman’s waist is more than 88cm, they are considered abdominally obese.

Abdominal fat contains two different types of fat – one is called subcutaneous fat, which is located just below the skin and is not considered so dangerous. While subcutaneous fat may not be so bad, if you have excessive stomach fat it will usually consist of visceral fat, which builds up around your internal organs and can cause organ malfunction.

Some people find that visceral fat makes the stomach feel hard, while subcutaneous fat tends to feel soft and squishy.

Visceral fat also produces a molecule called adipokine and other toxins that can increase your risk of coronary artery disease, gingivitis and other health issues.

As with all measures to lose weight there are two factors to consider, diet and exercise. Here are the ways you can target your belly fat.

Weight loss is about eating fewer calories than the body burns. This can help burn both visceral fat and excess subcutaneous fat.

Other dieting strategies to eliminate visceral fat include cutting out on sugary drinks and replacing them with water, if you are adding sugar to your coffee or tea, you should also stop doing that or consider an artificial sweetener.

Switching to wholegrain bread, rice and pasta will reduce the level of simple carbohydrates in your diet, which are quickly turned into fat. Eat more raw fruits and vegetables, increase your fibre intake and cut out saturated and trans fats.

Eating food high in fibre, such as lean meat, nuts and legumes can help you feel full, cutting out on cravings for sugary snacks.

Exercise plays a significant role in eliminating belly fat, although it is impossible to target specific areas of the body for weight loss. Targeted exercises, such as crunches and sit-ups, will not get rid of abdominal fat, though they can help strengthen abdominal muscles.

Cardiovascular exercise gets the heart pumping. It also burns calories, helping to reduce belly fat, especially visceral fat. Start slowly, with walking or swimming. Then work up to more intense cardio, such as running or jumping rope.

Strength training can improve body weight, because muscles burn more calories than fat. Strength training can also help prevent osteoporosis and other chronic illnesses. Commit to strength training exercises, such as lifting weights or yoga, at least three times per week.

If you are on your bum a lot of the time, make sure you get up at least once per hour, walk around, do some stretches and get active.

Even when you are sitting down you can do some things to keep your body moving, such as tapping your feet, moving your legs up and down (with your feet on the floor) or doing leg lifts. Instead of taking the escalator or lift, take the stairs, and restrict your TV time and do some work around the house instead.

Are you concerned about your belly fat? What have you tried to trim down your waistline? Do you have any tips for our members?



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    20th Nov 2017
    Using artificial sweeteners has long been the subject of contention. Most of them contain carcinogens and/or other harmful substances, and some research shows that even the taste of sweetness can trigger the body into the same ups and downs as sugar which means they increase your appetite for more sugary things.

    I don't really think it is a good idea for lay people to give dietary advice. We all know that moderation in all things and plenty of variety in our food is the way to go.
    20th Nov 2017
    Absolutely Maggie-apart from tasting horrid.
    The artificial sweeteners interfere with the parathyroid.
    The parathyroid identifies sugars to be used as food or rejected by the body.
    I wish I could tell people how much damage diet coke did to me until the muscle and joint pain was unbearable. It depletes the body of calcium because the body isn't getting it from the food we are ingesting.
    I was hooked on the stuff like so many other people. However I won't touch it now - ever.

    With the aging weight is a factor in how long someone has to live. The thinner they are, especially when they were normally bonny, the closer they are to end of life. So eat well and enjoy the best quality food you possibly can afford.
    20th Nov 2017
    I use Stevia which is a plant, gave up the chemical sweeteners years ago.

    I don't drink Coke, and those sorts of drinks. Other than water, I might have some lemon cordial in the summer, but not very much. Much nicer than fizzy drinks, and not so sweet when diluted down with water or plain soda water.
    21st Nov 2017
    The best quality stevia without fillers is by Nirvana.
    20th Nov 2017
    since going on anti depressants ( now two of them ) menopause n such ive gained so much weight. I found trying the Doc Cabot liver cleanse I lost 6kg ( all fluid) as for the tummy Ive still got too much but I fell off the diet
    20th Nov 2017
    Those anti-depressant won't work if you are going to "cleanse" the gut.

    Isn't it amazing - a Mumma Bear is well rounded we say isn't that a healthy bear. If an Oak tree has a wide girth a with magnificent far reaching branches we say isn't that amazing.
    If a middle aged person gets a little tubby the world frowns. It is a natural part of aging to change shape and lose muscle tone (within reason).
    Enjoy life, eat quality food and be happy to be alive.
    Let the young people diet.
    20th Nov 2017
    Unfortunately Rosret, rotund humans neither forage for food continually, (the weekly trip to the supermarket doesn't count) nor hibernate for three months of the year during which their bodies rely on the stored fat. That rotund Mumma bear is far slimmer come spring than she was in Autumn! Rotund humans just get more rotund with each passing season! And you don't encounter too many Mumma Bears with heart disease, diabetes, dicky knees and hips, and other assorted lifestyle diseases either.
    Robert Henry
    20th Nov 2017
    I agree Maggie, lay people shouldn't give dietary advice, and my advice is from a Doctor - Micheal Mosley, whose program on SBS found many artificial sweeteners (chemicals) predisposed the majority of the people in the trial to diabetes after a WEEK of use, so his advice is use a naturally sourced sugar substitute called Stevia, apparently has no calories, no carbohydrates and does not raise blood sugar levels. Derived from the leaves of the South American Stevia plant. Available in a large glass bottle from Woolworths for around $8.00 and 180 serves per jar. I would strenuously recommend going natural and not chemical. No diabetes in my family going back 5 generations and I certainly don't want to be the first. Google Micheal Mosley on SBS and watch the program
    20th Nov 2017
    Thank you. Like you I am a Mosley fan, and like you there is no diabetes in my family, thank God. I just don't like Stevia myself and fail to see why we can't do without sweeteners in our drinks. We get plenty of sugar in jams which I do eat happily, and fruit and veg. And being no saint, I eat chocolate too!
    21st Nov 2017
    Some of the supermarket stevia's have fillers, the best I found it Nirvana organic stevia.

    Many chocolates and jams are full of sugar. Try sugar free chocolate and jam made without sugar.

    20th Nov 2017
    Last year, I lost nearly 60 kgs by abandoning bread, rice, pasta and potato. Simple, really. fat around the gut is a bigger problem for men the women (who instead accumulate lard around their hips).
    20th Nov 2017
    I haven't noticed too many women these days with slim waists and big hips! More people than ever are beginning to look like barrels!
    20th Nov 2017
    Well done on the weight loss - that must have been a hard thing to do - most of us love the starches.
    20th Nov 2017
    I'm doing Michael Mosley's 5:2 diet and have lost 11 kgs so far. My goal is 13 kgs, and my stretch goal is 15 kgs.

    I found cutting down on milk helped a lot. I was having way too much in my tea, and on my cereal each day. Now I drink weak black tea, one tea bag lasts me a day!

    I try hard to cut down on the bread, but sometimes a sandwich for lunch is the easiest thing to make. But it will be a salad sanger with lots of lettuce etc to bulk it up. I don't eat a lot of rice or pasta, and my doctor told me to go easy on the fruit as it is full of sugar. But it's almost summer and I love apricots, peaches, mangos, strawberries etc.
    21st Nov 2017
    Nothing wrong with carbs as long as they are wholefood and not over processed white stuff.
    4th Dec 2017
    diet is one thing I need a high fat low carb diet to lose weight well that's wat worked years ago but I got a fatty liver so I cant handle the high fatty diet any more cant crunch cos of TMJ cant exercise cos hips /shoulders /neck damaged sheesh I'm a wreck so how do I get the weight off ?/
    4th Dec 2017
    Sorry to hear about your pains. There is a lot of evidence that high fat diet from animal protein contributes to many disease. I am reading an amazing book called Medical Medium by Anthony William he explains so much about why we are getting these problems, if you are open to it I suggest you borrow a copy from the library, there is a way to make your life better through diet, exercise (even just moving what you can), and getting off medication that actually can often make things worse.
    6th Feb 2020
    I hate unsweetened coffee so use SWEETENER ...STEVIA plant based!
    6th Feb 2020
    As long as it is pure stevia without the fillers, read the ingredients.

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