Maggie Beer unveils her new science-backed dementia diet

Beloved chef Maggie Beer unveils her new science-backed dementia diet.

maggie beer

With over 413,000 Australians living with dementia, beloved Australian chef Maggie Beer has teamed up with dementia researcher, Professor Ralph Martins and, based on the latest scientific research, developed a diet to help fight the disease.

“I’ve always felt that food is medicine, if it’s the right food,” said Ms Beers.

“I’m the conduit for Ralph’s science. He’s taught me so much about choices and I’ve tried to put all this together, because of this shared passion [with Ralph] that food can make all the difference to your life.”

The recipes also have the blessing of another of Australia’s most respected women, Ita Buttrose.

“You can’t guarantee that people won’t get dementia if they follow these recipes, but because we don’t have a cure or a treatment, you can say that the way you eat could be a preventative factor,” said Ms Buttrose.

Professor Martins added: “I think it’s going to be a very important preventative factor. We’ve followed 1100 Australians for the last 10 years and we looked at what they ate and their lifestyle and we saw that those who followed the Mediterranean diet had the lower risks of amyloids, toxins that build up in your brain and kill your brain cells. So, we’re very excited about getting this message out there.”

Read more about Maggie’s book Recipes for Life.

Learn more about dementia at

Do you follow the Mediterranean diet? What do you think of Maggie’s dietary tips?



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    Ted Wards
    20th Oct 2017
    Look up Anthony William the medical medium he has been talking about food as medicine for a long time. He has a radio show, books and all sorts. Glad someone has taken this seriously!
    21st Oct 2017
    Thanks Ted, Sounded interesting so I just looked him up and thought I would see if my local library has any of his books, they had 3 so have ordered them, why buy when you can borrow for free! Not sure I will learn anything new but hopefully will.
    27th Jan 2018
    Have now read the book, how amazing his information is, if only more people read this book and got some insight. I am now reading one of his other books. No doubt fruit and vegies is more of what we need not celebrity chefs pushing their sugar,meat, eggs and dairy full dishes. Fresh straight from the garden or farmers markets is best too.
    20th Oct 2017
    A lot of ifs and maybe's Lets face it she is just trying to flog another book and get rich before she gets dementia.
    20th Oct 2017
    Probably. But hey good for them. I figure I need to find a really horrible tasting herb preferably addictive and market it as the panacea to curing a common yet as of today not curable ailment.
    It seems to work for other people and the placebo effect always works on the side of the marketer.

    20th Oct 2017
    It would be nice if the article's text gave a brief overview of the dietary ingredients, without having to resort to hyperlinks. FAIL.
    20th Oct 2017
    Sorry - just another so called "celebrity chef" - whose pate's - quince's - sauces etc. were far too expensive and disappeared from the average supermarket shelves after a couple of years!
    Couple of stints on "MasterChef" ..... plus a short 30 min. cooking show that didn't last long and yes - I actually like Maggie Beer - but - like most she is simply "touting" her "brand name" and whatever brings more $$$'s into her already mega bank account!
    Good luck with this one! lol
    21st Oct 2017
    I agree, another 'jumping on the bandwagon' making money from what you can already find on the internet for free.
    21st Oct 2017
    This link above provides some information for free and more links on the website too (for free!)
    You don't need another chef's cookbook to find out what is good for your health. Just eat more plants and stay off medication as long as possible, exercise body and mind, and keep chemicals off your body and out of your house.
    24th Oct 2017
    Dementia is now the number one killer of women in Australia.

    While dementia overall remains the second leading cause of death, dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, has replaced heart disease as the leading cause of death among women. The ABS says in 2016, 8,447 women died from dementia in 2016, an increase of 196 deaths compared with 8,251 in 2015. This is the first time since the early part of the 20th century that heart disease is not the leading cause of death for both sexes.
    28th Oct 2017
    As a nurse, this is very evident because those elderly patients and residents who prefer to only eat sweets and no vegies are the very ones who have memory issues or dementia and this is also verified by medical research.
    ALCOHOL also is INCLUDED because it is transformed into sugars in the blood and keep in mind that just like alcohol, the more one consumes of sugars or alcohol, the more of it that one craves for which in turn, increases the weight, resulting in larger amounts needed to obtain that sugar hit!
    Then, as we all know, obesity paves the way for cardiac and cancer conditions and ultimate death!
    28th Oct 2017
    It never ceases to amaze me that women's magazines and TV cooking shows still promote eating so many sweet foods. Maybe a little sweet is okay if you eat your vegies and that is not just a few frozen peas or potatoes, it is leafy greens and broccoli etc.
    27th Jan 2018
    Disappointed by the level of commentary here. So many people happy to comment without any real knowledge of the person, her whole career (not just the TV bits), etc. The Maggie Beer Foundation is a charitable foundation trying to improve the standard of food in aged care facilities (there is a crying need for this and we could all benefit from it) including training programs for chefs. If this cookbook was just a money-making exercise, the author wouldn't have the support of the scientific community one of whom, Prof. Ralph Martins, was the co-author. Very few of the general public would read a book by Prof. Martins so good on Maggie Beer lending her celebrity status to this issue to spread a very important health message. She was a worthy recipient of Senior Australian of the Year a few years ago but the honour obviously prompted her to go above and beyond what one could expect when she could just as easily have retired and become a grizzling, ill-informed old curmudgeon commenting on seniors websites.
    9th Mar 2018
    Comments on Maggie Beer's book promotions aside, I do agree with most of the sentiments already expressed on the site.

    However, I find fault with the whole idea of the modern Mediterranean diet as the panacea against any mental condition. It is as bad as any other diet using modern produce because it has diverged so far from the food patterns and foods of long ago as to be a farce.

    Sure, a few of the wild foods such as portulaca, okra, artichoke leaf bases, olives, sardines, other oily fish and octopi are a good start over supermarket produce today. And goat meat from animals feeding on the wild herbs and grasses growing on the rocky slopes of the Med is infinitely better than the hyper-inflammatory beef we eat now.

    Unfortunately, there is little hope of replicating the farmed and foraged diet of ancient Mediterranean people. Much of the food is gone or forgotten or in farming it, the micronutrients are lost just as with our sweet, giant, juicy, low fibre orbs of rubbish fruit and vegetables we get to pick from supermarket shelves or organic stores pretty much 24/7/365. Most are so low in antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, anti-allergens, anti-proliferatives, good sugars, enzymes and minerals as to be barely worth eating.

    I guess the irony of ruining our food supply, of narrowing the range and depleting the quality is that as we grow older, we will not remember doing so. We have even learned to cook in aluminium foil and fish with olive oil, some lemon slices, a few olives, maybe some oregano or basil all wrapped in the magic metal and baked or BBQ'd seems like a good idea. Unwrap it and oops! The foil has lost its sheen and the aluminium is a dull grey. More fuel for the fire as the carcinogenic plastic has been absorbed in the oil and the aluminium is well oxidized, ready to be taken up into our brains. Again. The merciful outcome of this Med-techno kitchen is that we will also not remember doing it in years to come.

    I bet there's a recipe using foil in Maggie's new dementia book too. Someone let me know if they get a copy. I'll be saving my money to get some wild foods for my meals.
    10th Mar 2018
    Interesting comments VicCherikoff. I eat mostly organic product and some home grown, vegan diet. I feel I am getting all the nutrients I need. I have read about wild foods especially wild berries which are highly nutritious but we only get the hybrid berries in Australia. Might be time to investigate more Indigenous wild foods.

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