How do different painkillers work?

Which painkiller is best to manage your pain?

Is it okay to take out-of-date medication?

Pharmacist Phil Day explains.

Blood pressure medication helps even the frailest seniors live longer

A large study has revealed that blood pressure medication helps all elderly live longer.

Simple tips for medication safety this holiday season

Millions suffer adverse reactions as a result of not taking medicine as prescribed.

The drug crisis stalking older Australians

Health experts urge all Australians to wake up to the dangers.

Bleeding risk confirmed for older aspirin users

Accessible painkiller must be taken with care, study finds.

Blood pressure drug linked to increased cancer risk in older Aussies

Drug's properties makes skin more sensitive to the sun, scientists say.

Medical smartwatch could revolutionise treatment of common diseases

Device could revolutionise treatment of a range of common diseases.

Most common questions pharmacists are asked

Pharmacists can be a good source of healthcare advice.

The truth about topical pain relievers

An affordable, healthy alternative to pain relief.

New principles for medication management for older people

Researchers develop consensus principles for medication management in older people.

Supplements: The good, the bad and the ugly

Taking vitamins makes us think we're doing something good for our health, but are we?

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