Daily aspirin use may do more harm than good, say experts

Health experts are calling for an urgent rethink of prescribing aspirin for daily use.

Doctor says addictive painkiller is being 'dished out like lollies'

Fears of an epidemic of addictions and overdose deaths.

Most common questions pharmacists are asked

There's nothing better than face-to-face advice from a trained expert.

Australia set to run out of key pain relief drug due to pandemic

Rheumatoid arthritis drug in hot demand for COVID patients, leaving sufferers in pain.

Common anti-inflammatory drugs linked to serious health concerns

The lesser-known dangers of NSAIDs and how you can avoid them.

Our supply chain is strong but medicine imports the 'weakest link'

Reliance on medicine imports could prove deadly in the future.

New PBS-listed drugs set to save Australians thousands

Drugs to treat high cholesterol, spinal muscular atrophy and migraines more affordable.

Herbal supplements you shouldn’t try

When it comes to supplements, most people assume that natural equates to good? That is far from

Can arthritis drug storm the 'fortress' of pancreatic cancer?

After 10 years of research, Australian researchers make a breakthrough.

Older Aussies with high blood pressure need to 'check their meds'

Common meds the culprits causing high blood pressure.

How to repair the hormone imbalances that ruin a good night's sleep

This complete guide to hormone repair will help you sleep better.

Common medication linked to poor concentration, memory loss

New research reveals that acid reflux drugs may impair memory and concentration.

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