Miracle skin patch dissolves fat

Researchers have created a skin patch that can eliminate fat.

Miracle skin patch dissolves fat

American researchers have trialled a medical skin patch that can turn energy storing ‘white fats’ into energy burning ‘brown fats’ with amazing weight loss results.

The skin patch contains metabolism-altering drugs encased in nanoparticles which enter the body through the patch via dozens of microscopic needles.

During the test, mice were given two patches on either side of the lower abdomen – one with the skin patch containing the nanoparticle compound and one without. New patches were applied every three days for four weeks.

The research revealed that the treated mice had a 20 per cent reduction in fat on the affected side of the abdomen compared to the untreated side. Furthermore, those treated with the skin patch had significantly lower fasting blood glucose levels than untreated mice.

"Many people will no doubt be excited to learn that we may be able to offer a non-invasive alternative to liposuction for reducing love handles," says Dr Qiang from the Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) and the University of North Carolina.

What do you think? Should you consider using such a product if it was affordable? 

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    19th Sep 2017
    Note: "The patch has not been tested in humans." ... So if you're looking for a magic cure for being too fat without the nuisance of having to eat healthy food and do a little exercise, well, I've got a nice Harbour Bridge I can sell you :)
    19th Sep 2017
    Hmmm. Well send them to mea an I will review while looking at the harbour view
    I bought !
    19th Sep 2017
    mmm - nano particles - user beware.

    19th Sep 2017
    These patches will release their chemicals into the bloodstream to be circulated throughout the entire system. Heaven knows how they may affect the rest of the body. No thanks.
    Ted Wards
    19th Sep 2017
    When will we wake up and realise there is no easy cure for getting rid of fat that you chose to consume in the first place. My immediate reaction so what are the side effects that will require medication to control and who stands to make profit out of this the most!
    19th Sep 2017
    I just watched a science programme that stated obesity is a genetic problem so less of the nasty remarks about excercise and food
    19th Sep 2017
    yes - affects those you are genetically lazy and love stuffing their faces
    19th Sep 2017
    Ha ha Raphael we don't agree often, but I'm with you on that one.
    19th Sep 2017
    yes Raphael, how often have I seen at shopping centres , fat women, and daughters, sitting there stuffing cream cakes and or chips.
    They never seem to learn. Perhaps it is genetic, they are overloaded with oestrogen which is making fat cells, and low on progesterone to balance out the oestrogen.
    19th Sep 2017
    Mm mm or you could just eat less.
    Not Amused
    19th Sep 2017
    I believe the various reasons that some people gain weight are not fully understood.Some people are satisfied with less eating than others. Some people eat more (or less) for psychological reasons, perhaps because of an addiction to food or just thinking more about food than is normal, and acting on those thoughts. I have known people to be hypnotised out of thinking about cigarettes (and food) and their problems solved as a consequence. So I tend to think there is a lot more to being overweight than at first glance.
    19th Sep 2017
    different people gain weight through a variety of different reasons. This could be a medical disorder, drug related, genetic, poor diet choices, lack of mobility, overeating.
    If your weight gain is related to over eating then seek advice - which is plentiful and free, and eat less, change your food choices and where possible get more active. getting more active might start with walking around your home a few times each day or around your garden or down the street. It does not have to be regimented but it does need to be regular. If you make your body move 15 minutes each day over and above what you normally do - then you will see positive effects.
    1st Oct 2017
    Nice of you to say that we should get advice and exercise. I've had all the advice over the past 40 years that I can handle, and nothing seems to work.

    Just getting out of bed most days is a massive struggle for me. I have fibromyalgia, and back, hip & neck pain from a car accident I had nearly 40 years ago.

    Just to answer a call of nature is sometimes excruciating, let alone going for a walk. Getting more active for me means that I am in greater pain after doing even a 10 minute walk, which takes nearly 2 weeks to get over. Most days I need to use a walking stick, even in the unit I live in.

    This pain isn't all in the mind. It's very real. I can't even have a deep tissue massage and someone just putting a finger on any of area of my body and pressing down as if you're pressing a lift button (very lightly) is the biggest no-no for me.
    19th Sep 2017
    Oh to be a mouse!
    19th Sep 2017
    I'd be thrilled to use these patches...bring it on.
    1st Oct 2017
    I'd like to use these patches, too. Just so long as it's a clear patch. I'm allergic to brown tapes.

    I've been on a couple of different types of pain medication patches. Norspan, which is a brown patch made my skin bubble underneath within 10 minutes of putting on the first one, was exchanged for Fentanyl, which is a clear patch, which was sooo much better.

    I can't even use 'normal' band aids :(

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